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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

(Awwww XD)

It didn’t take long at all for Stefan and Damon to return with a small glass of fresh human blood and handed it to Bill, the scent causing Caroline’s eyes to quickly turn black as the black veins appeared underneath her eyes, as well as sharp fangs piercing her gums. She turned around and faced the wall, hoping no one saw what had just happened as she took a few calming deep breaths.

“Are you okay?” Bill asked in concern.

“Yeah.” Caroline nodded, rubbing her eyes. “Just something in my eye.” Once she was certain that her facial features went back to normal Caroline turned around and offered her father a smile, to which he smiled back.

“You might want to drink that outside.” Stefan suggested to Bill. “Once you complete the transition then you’ll be an uninvited Vampire inside this house, which means it will feel like your body is crushing until you run outside of the house.”

“That sounds very unpleasant.” Bill commented as he walked towards the front door. Once outside, Bill looked down at the thick red liquid in the glass as a hunger he never experienced began to make itself known, the man taking a deep breath and drinking the blood. Fangs painfully pierced his gums for the first time as his eyes changed, to which Caroline quickly made her way outside and handed her father a blood pouch.

“Here you go.” Caroline said, to which Bill ripped opened the corner and drank the blood. Only a few seconds had gone by until Bill finished the entire thing, his quickened breath dying down as his face went back to normal. “Feeling better?”

“Much.” Bill nodded, to which Caroline smiled.

“Are you feeling any cravings?” Ashley asked cautiously from the front door, the Vampire nervous for her two children.

“I’m fine.” Bill reassured her, Ashley nodding as she looked over to Diana.

“You can invite him in.” Diana nodded from Ashley’s words, the young Witch looking over to Bill.

“You’re invited in.” Bill smiled, walking into the house without a problem. He could smell Abigail’s and Scarlet’s blood, but he didn’t act on it. Damon walked over to Bill and handed the new Vampire a glass of alcohol, a smirk coming onto Damon’s face.

“Alcohol helps with the cravings, along with eating human food.” Damon explained. Bill nodded and drank the alcohol as he sank down on the couch. Kol, Kotomi and the twin toddlers were eating yet more ice cream, watching the scene as Abigail and Scarlet were extremely hyper now.

“I hate you.” Ashley said to Kol, bringing the Original to chuckle.

“I know.” Kol responded as he added more whipped cream to Abigail’s and Scarlet’s ice cream, the twins jumping up and down as Ashley sighed in frustration. “What? I’m the fun uncle.”

“You’re the uncle who is about to get a tree branch stabbed in his heart.” Ashley muttered. A knock was then suddenly heard from the front door, to which everyone focused their attention towards it. Caroline walked over and opened the door, only to quickly gasp and tried to slam the door closed but the visitor stuck his boot in.

“Go away!” Caroline growled, Klaus opening the door more and stepping inside the house.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Kotomi asked in anger.

“I came to warn you. All of you.” Klaus responded, Caroline stepping back and walking over to Kiseki where she laced her fingers with his.

“What warning?” Isobel asked, though she was clearly upset from the Hybrid’s appearance.

“My Hybrids have heard word of a group coming to Fells Church… a group coming to kill Diana, Abigail and Scarlet.” Klaus responded.

“Excuse me?” Ashley growled, her children quickly running over to Ashley and Ichiru as they hid behind their parents in fear, Damon standing in front of Diana in a protective stance.

“This group found out that Diana’s and the toddlers’ blood is the only thing that is able to make my Hybrids, so if that source is eliminated then there won’t be any more Hybrids.” Klaus explained.

“Are you just screwing around with our heads so I would forgive you?” Caroline challenged, the Hybrid locking eyes with her.

“Of course not! I just found out this information five minutes ago and then quickly came here. Freeing Kol and Kevin was my way of an apology.” Klaus responded to the blonde Vampire. “I just wanted to let all of you know, and that I’ll still do whatever I can to protect all of you. I’ve done my part.” Klaus then stormed out of the house and slammed the door closed, a silence falling over the group. The sound of Abigail’s and Scarlet’s faint cries brought the group to look over towards them, the two children shaking.

“Nothing is going to happen to the two of you or to Diana.” Ashley said as she leaned down and wrapped her arms protectively around her children. What the group didn’t know however was that this would turn into a full out war with casualties.
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