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Default Re: Risk 2.0 Headquarters

Originally Posted by TheEvilDookie View Post
Something that I don't really understand or see how it is fair: If your team has one person stationed to defend vs 2 attackers and the first match ends with your pokemon at 100%, 100%, 15%, 0%, then according to your rules, for the next battle, the pokemon's health would be 100%, 100%, 45%, 50%. Because the third Pokemon wasn't KOd, it only received +30% whereas the 4th Pokemon received +20% for being KOd in addition to the 30%. Why in this case would Pokemon 4 be given more health than Pokemon 3 if it didn't survive?

In my opinion you should just make it so any Pokemon under 20% or KOd is set at 50% for the next battle.
Valid point, I didn't think of that. It will be changed.
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