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Default Re: 649 Things You Didn't Know About Pokemon!

Originally Posted by PEDRO12 View Post
#47 - No two Spinda look the same. There's a 1/over 8billion chance of two Spinda being the exact same.
#56 - Vibrava, Flygon, and Smeargle are the only non-legendary Pokémon that are not Flying-type and can learn Fly. are Volcorona and Golurk legendary? First I heard of it...
#57 - Bibarel and Girafarig are the only Normal types with another type that isn't Flying. Yeah, who cares about Deerling and Sawsbuck anyway?
#62 - In the original game released in Japan when you meet your rival in the tower with all the dead Pokemon, you have a conversation about his dead Pokemon which actually reveals that YOU KILLED it. Hint: Notice how his Raticate is missing between the S.S. Anne fight and the Lavender Town fight.
#70 - Abomasnow (As well as Snover) have the most weaknesses in the game, with 7 different types super-effective against them. Eggsecute, Eggsecutor and Celebi also have the same amount of weaknesses.
#71 - Hitmonlee is named after Bruce Lee, Hitmonchan for Jackie Chan. Speculated. confirmed to be true... a long time ago.
73 - Humor Incoming: The odds of a person getting struck by lightning in his or her lifetime are roughly 7,000 to 1. In comparison, the odds of a person encountering a Shinning Pokémon are approximately 1 in 8,000. If I knew what a "Shinning" Pokemon was, I'd be more cautious.
#78 - Diglett can use scratch, 'nuff said :/ I hardly count this as a rarely known fact...
#88 - The only Pokémon that have actually had their typing changed between generations are Magnemite and Magneton, who went from pure Electric to Electric/Steel when G/S/C came out, and Rotom's forms, which went from the normal Rotom's Electric/Ghost to the type corresponding to their special move. Clearly only Electric-types can change types. /baws/ I won't blame you for this, but the new Fairy-type is changing older pokemon too.
#93 - The greatest legitimately dealt damage possible in the games is a whopping 481,266,036. The only Pokemon who can do this is Shuckle. How? Bulbapedia goes through this proccess in great detail. Just look up Shuckle's Trivia
#95 - A burnt Pokemon loses half of its attack. rare fact? You don't do much competitive battling, I see.
#96 - Some of Slowbro's Pokedex entries state that if the Shellder is removed, it reverts to Slowpoke. In other words, it de-evolves. This is also true for Eggsecutor's heads falling off and becoming Eggsecute.
You have some really interesting facts, but a lot of them are not correct, some painfully obviously so. Also, "speculation" doesn't mean "fact".
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