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Default Re: rstar42 VS Micro [Dino]



[Beta] Beldum
Ability: Clear Body
Health: 95
Energy: 68


[Roots] Treecko
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 78
Energy: 88
+2 SPD.

Roots jumped in front of the tree, waiting carefully for the charge of his opponent. His small green legs were tightened into a crouch ready to pounce into the air away from any danger.

Beta was smart though, noticing that no attack was coming and that the Treecko seemed to be waiting on him, it chose a safer and defensive option. Focusing its energy to itself, its iron shell began to glow. The molecules were working to condense and multiply to create a denser and bigger skin of armor for the beast.
[Iron Defence; Beldum: -3 Energy. +2 DEF]

When nothing happen for Roots to dodge he sprung into action. He sprung over towards the metallic monster. Quickly standing up from his all fours, he flung a glowing green ball of energy at the Beldum. It planted itself into the iron shell and pulled life from Beta. It fell off and the Treecko picked it up feeling refreshed from the ball of energy as it dissolved in his hand.
[Mega Drain; Treecko: -4 Energy. +2 Health. +2 Energy | Beldum: -7 Health]

Beldum now had the opportunity he was wanting. Its head cap began to glow as it focused its willpower and psychic abilities into its head. He quickly made a charge at Roots. He was knocked back by the impact but jump up quickly, not wanting to give up this fight too early.
[Zen Headbutt; Beldum: -11 Energy | Treecko: -22 Health]


[Beta] Beldum
Ability: Clear Body
Health: 88
Energy: 54
+2 DEF.


[Roots] Treecko
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 58
Energy: 86
+2 SPD.

I'm going to be taking a break for a while, so I'm going to open this up for anyone to ref, then when I return I'll start reffing it again.