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Default Re: Neku vs. TE

Round VI

Typhlosion Explosion

[Draco] Dratini (M)
Shed Skin
HP: 51%
Energy: 48%
Condition: Just keeps getting better and better; Reflect (1 round)
Switch (Cyndaquil) ~ Eruption

Neku Sakuraba

[Lang] Shinx (M)
HP: 60%
Energy: 9%
Condition: Must... hold... on; Toxic (2)
Chill ~ Chill

Draco was just getting warmed up, but apparently his trainer had other ideas. Typhlosion Explosion pulled a poké ball from his pocket and held it up, pointing it at his Dratini; the dragon growled at Lang and then was pulled back into the storage device, ready in case he was needed again later in the battle. In his place, the trainer sent out a small, blue mammal with a long snout and squinted eyes. Volcano stood on his stubby hind legs and made squeaky noises as he sized up the bedraggled opponent he had been matched up with.

If Draco had been annoyed by this change, then Lang was even more so - he barely stood a chance as it was, let alone against a fresh, well-rested opponent. He lay down gently on the grass, and began to relax as well as he could without shutting his eyes. He wasn’t foolish enough to do that in the middle of a battle.

Since his opponent wasn’t doing anything, Volcano decided to get things moving. He could feel heat beginning to build up inside him. Before long, the red spots on his back had ignited into roaring orange flames. Lang watched with apprehension, but was still too tired to do anything about it. A torrent of raging fire erupted from Cyndaquil’s snout, engulfing Lang in moments. The lion cub howled and rolled around, trying to snuff out his burning fur on the smouldering grass.

Shinx growled at Cyndaquil, wishing he could do something to get back at him. It would be pointless though, he couldn’t do anything yet. He was tired and his insides were burning from the poison that flowed through his veins. He lay down and waited a little longer to regain his energy. Maybe he would be able to do something to spite his foe a bit later.

Typhlosion Explosion

[Volcano] Cyndaquil (M)
HP: 100%
Energy: 69%
Condition: Ready to cause some mayhem

Neku Sakuraba

[Lang] Shinx (M)
HP: 26%
Energy: 21%
Condition: Biding his time; Toxic (3)

Battle Notes
Effect: Dratini switched for Cyndaquil
Energy: Shinx +6%
Effect: Multiplier is 1
Critical: Rolled 1963/10000, 625 or less for critical
HP: Shinx -26%
Energy: Cyndaquil -31%
Energy: Shinx +6%
HP: Shinx -8%

Team Notes
Typhlosion Explosion
3 pokémon remaining
Dratini: 51% HP; 48% Energy
Neku Sakuraba
3 pokémon remaining