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Default Re: Return of T.U.N! (Recruiting) (unofficial)

Originally Posted by GoshinX03 View Post
^^I apologize, I meant to respond back to what you posted yesterday, but I kept getting caught up in other matters. I like the idea of of having different sectors/divisions, although I think maybe we should limit it to three, with each having to do with the evolutionary stages of the Ghost-types more so than using their generation. I've also been working on what the banners should look like for these divisions, although ultimately I might just have to leave it in the hands of someone better capable, as far as banner art is concerned.
it's fine just don't forget this branch. the thing is about PE2K for as long as i can remember it, it's always been quiet when it's leading up to a new game then there is a surge of popularity. get all the planning and whatnot done now before people start coming back and we get left behind by other guilds.

and about the banners, go around on the art area of the forum, talk to artists who give out free art, make a few requests and become friends with them then see if they will join. always take the initiative, if something goes wrong try to fix it as soon as possible and nver let things sit and get worse.

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