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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Ashley and Jeremy
New York City

Ashley looked down towards the ground as a heavy silence fell over the small group, the brunette knowing Ichiru was most likely thinking about the situation about the four of them sticking together. Ashley knew that her brother Jeremy hated the idea, but she would make him come around.

“Ichiru… what was that back there?” Kiseki asked. Ashley looked back up, though the twin didn’t answer right away.

“I remembered something from fourteen years ago… back when we were children.” Ichiru finally answered, looking over towards Ashley as well.

Ashley listened as Ichiru explained the entire story, the brunette completely shocked from Ichiru’s and Kiseki’s childhood. No one should have to go through that, but that’s exactly what The Company does; they tear apart families.

“Looking at the wire cutters seemed to trigger a memory I had repressed.” Ichiru continued as his fists clenched at his sides, anger beginning to return to his expression. “The Company didn’t save us after our parents were killed. They were the ones that killed them in the first place. They broke in after they learned that we had abilities, and when our parents wouldn’t turn us over to them, they killed them. They killed our mother quickly, with a simple shot to the head, but our father was tortured. With wire cutters.”

“…The same way they tried to make you torture Ashley…” Kiseki spoke in shock.

Ichiru then looked over towards Ashley’s bandaged finger, the brunette taking notice as she put her hand in her pocket. She didn’t want Ichiru to feel guilty for what he had done.

“I’m sorry about your finger… I didn’t realize anything I was doing until after my powers were released.” Ichiru spoke but then paused, glancing over at Jeremy’s bedroom door and gave a sigh. “As much as I hate to say it, your brother is right… We’ll probably only cause you trouble if we stick around. At least if we’re not here, you can find somewhere to go where they won’t find you.”

“No.” Ashley said quickly, taking her hands out of her pocket and taking hold of Ichiru’s hands. “It’s better if we stick together. Since you’ve been with The Company almost your whole life, then you know better than anyone that they won’t attack so soon. They’ll wait for a surprise attack, which will give us time to come up with one of our own.” Ashley paused for a few moments, still holding onto Ichiru’s hands. “I know for a fact that Alex knows someone who has the ability to track someone if they have their blood or any DNA. I’ve already had an encounter with Alex once before, because he managed to get a sample of Jeremy’s blood last year and found us. We managed to barely get away, though before we did Jeremy shot a lightning bolt at the sample of blood which destroyed it. Alex has my blood now because of the wire cutters, so no matter where Jeremy and I go then Alex will be able to find us no matter what. At least if you’re here with us… my brother and I will have a better chance of surviving.”

“My sister’s right.” Jeremy sighed as he walked back into the kitchen, to which Ashley quickly released Ichiru’s hands. “I heard the entire story about your family… I’m sorry. I know we got off on the wrong foot, which I’m sorry about too. We need to stick together if we have any chances of surviving.”

“What should we do?” Ashley asked. “Call mom and dad?”

“Not yet.” Jeremy shook his head. “We’re already in danger, so I don’t want mom and dad to get into any more danger they’re already in as well.”

“If they ever found out then they would kill us for not calling them.” Ashley chuckled.

“I know.” Jeremy snickered, looking over towards the kitchen cabinets. “The four of us should try to be together at all times, even if we have to live in the same apartment room.”

“You want them to move in?” Ashley laughed as Jeremy looked over towards his sister. “Five minutes ago you were ready to tear Ichiru’s head off. Now you’re offering to let them move in with us?”

“Whatever keeps us safer.” Jeremy smirked, looking over towards Ichiru. “I will give you one warning though. If you hit on my sister then I’ll kill you.”

“Here we go.” Ashley sighed as she walked away to get the first aid kit to sew up her finger, the brunette not wanting Kiseki to heal it since he was so drained already. Jeremy opened up the cabinets and laid out a spread of food for Ichiru and Kiseki as Ashley returned to the kitchen with the first aid kit and sat at the table.

“Let me do it.” Jeremy said, walking over and sitting in the chair next to his sister. “If you plan on stitching it closed then it’s not the best idea for you to do it since you have a hangover.”

New York City

"Your worried about your brother, aren't you?" Ella said as Caroline tore her gaze away and looked over towards the other girl. "Don't be surprised. I'm a mind reader. But what confuses even me, is why you are worried about it, when he is the reason you can barely get off that couch at the moment?"

Caroline looked down. She knew that she shouldn’t care at all what happened to her brother, but at the end of the day they were still brother and sister, so Caroline wanted to mend their relationship somehow. Caroline still loved Alex even after everything that he’s done, and she would do anything to protect him.

"I suppose I was an only child, so I wouldn't know what it is like to have siblings." Ella said, "Truth be told, until I read Blaise's mind, and ran into his car because he needed help, I had never really had any friends. My father was a politician, and I was rarely allowed to leave the house for my own safety. That is the reason I ran away. I knew I could take care of myself after I escaped the abduction, and left. I wanted to be free."

Caroline looked back over to Ella as she spoke, though she had stopped talking for some reason. She somehow knew that Ella didn’t want to reveal too much information about herself, to which Caroline completely understood. The doorbell then went off, the pizza arriving as Ella paid for it while Caroline looked out the window once again.

"Pizza is here." Ella said as she took the box over to Caroline and took a piece. Caroline smiled, taking a piece of her own.

“Thank you.” Caroline said. “For everything.” The blonde took a bite from the pizza as she glanced back over towards the television, swallowing the food. “I know it’s stupid for me to still care about my brother, but he’s still family. I want to fix things with him somehow, but I doubt that Alex will ever come around.” Caroline sighed. “We used to be close when we were little. He was always so overprotective when it came to me, and he would never leave my side. As we got older things had changed a little, and when I found out what The Company actually does to people with abilities then I ran away. I tried to get Alex to come with me but he refused, saying that we needed to stick together as a family. I then left, and he’s been hunting me ever since, along with The Company and others which my father has hired since he’s the actual president of the United States.”

Caroline paused as she took another bite from her piece of pizza.

“I know that we just met today, but I just want you to know that you can come talk to me about anything. Like with me for example… I feel really bad about kissing Blaise at the hospital today. It was just an innocent act so that the doctor wouldn’t get suspicious. I didn’t mean to make Blaise so upset…” Caroline looked down, the guilt clear in her voice and facial expression.
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