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Litwick Cathedral
Overall, I like this image and the amount of work put into it is definitely noticeable. The colors of the image work and blend well together, creating an early morning feel based on the angle of the light and the dim, subdued blues/purples here. Since this was based on Litwick, seems quite appropriate. As you said that this was a practice drawing for environment, I'm going to start there.

First feature you carried throughout the image was the cathedralís stained glass window. The light rays and pattern on the floor were very nicely done. Likewise, the shadows on the floor and light fallout follow the general, although the darker areas might be a little too dark. THe shading on the pillars also looks good. One point I noticed was where the tiles met the pillars. There definitely could have been more transition here, or a better alignment between the tile edges and the pillars. Most pillars in construction like this had a small square base that was the same size as one tile, so that the masons did not have to cut the tile at odd curves and sizes. The other critique is the lack of texture or detail on Litwickís beam. For something so close to the front of the image, it looks like a flat plastic piece, not what one would expect in a cathedral-styled building. Something to break up the floor might have been good, but that won't affect anything.

Next up, Litwick. Overall proportion, detail, and form are good. The flame on its head is a bit small. Also, most if not all source images show a secondary circle of darker coloration surrounding the flame on top of the head, which seems to be missing in this image. Only other complaint would be the solid-colored halo you added to the flame. Would have preferred to see it fade off, or be absent from the image, as it takes away from the anime realism somewhat.

In the end, its a good image that shows Litwick and its friends living in a very nice building, and with a few improvements could be a top quality pic.


Litwick Graveyard
Good litwick, Im not here to catch y... RUN AWAY!

You have managed to completely capture how scary a ghost type can be, while still being ridiculously cute. I'm not sure if it wants to hug me or steal my soul. Iíll start the curating with Litwick this time, as it is almost the entirety of the image.

Interesting pose, which definitely tells the viewer that Litwick is moving forward, preparing to grab whatever we happen to be. The proportions and shape are again good on the pokemon. The added small melted wax drops are a nice addition that makes Litwick more dynamic and more akin to its candle-based roots. Around the edges of the pokemon itself, you have a light halo. Not sure why, but it personally seems to be out of place as it doesnt follow the entire body and just that upper portion. Some of the shading could have been a tad smoother, this is most noticable on the arms. While the eye is big, that seems fine based on the creepy glow effect; it could very well be an attack, or ghostly power.

Very simplistic background on this image. The fence is a very easy yet fitting background for the small pokemon, a graveyard or haunted house setting. One improvement that might have been considered is more dynamics in the sky. The moon, or clouds in order to break up the monotony of the very light gradients that exist in it. Similarly with the grass, its very flat and featureless.

I think this image works good because, unlike your other images, you strayed away from outlining everything. It definitely allows the slightly blurred pokemon to have a better depth of field, and just added another hint or realism.


Litwick Caught!
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