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Originally Posted by Eevee trainer View Post
I agree with this especially as some younger players may want to go over board with their powers. Doing so would cause the game to become unfavorable for others.

As for the revisions, I have also asked Char to come by and look over the rules for her opinion as a last set of fresh eyes. Just a heads up.

I also would like to get all three of us into the xat chat one last time to go over all of the rules and for Judge's final verdict on the rules. Just so that if we have any misunderstandings and the like, then we could quickly get everything squared away and finished up.

I do believe Judge is currently discussing GCEA with someone on PXR to make all of the GCEA threads a separate subsection.

Lastly, this is what the banner looks like thus far for the GCEA pages and I would like some feedback.

I am planning on making the banner longer and a wee bit taller to make the banner less cluttered. (Also, there's a white block around "Red" because we don't know which versions are being done and is a typical place holder until then.) I also plan on making the background color match the Pokemon version's color. (If it was Red version, there'll be a red background, etc...) I also need to touch up the line art a little bit, too. But, this is how far it is at the moment.


I'm down with Char's overlook and the XAT chat thing, I guess, after I get the tenth and actually final revision of the GCeA rules done. I guess I'll be the one stating the rules to you and JD, because really, I did do the edits and add them in.

Double agree on what you said, though I didn't really think of it that way.

As for formatting everything as a separate section in the forums, I am so totally down with that, but one small question: what's his username? I haven't seen him on PxR yet (that I am aware of).

I'll get cracking on edits again.

EDIT: Done with the edits. I added a new section devoted to the RPing aspect, including a rule on Legends having to be befriended in the story before being capture at all, a few rules on Psychics, several rules on stuff that wind up being issues in all RPs (Trolling, Godmodding, ect). If there's anything that needs to be done to it, please tell me.
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