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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Sorry for taking so long to repsond.

I'll add in those in the tenth and hopefully final revision of GCeA.

But before I do that, one more thing: In the last few games, there have been Psychics under Player control, typically very minor: Thanks to Markus, Gold, Spinel (both her Gold persona and her Red Persona), Yellow and Lee all being Minor Psychics in some manner, to say nothing of Max/Dredd, I was thinking that there should be a rule on Minor Psychics. Obviously among those is that you have to actually ask a GM and have him approve, and plot out power progression for the GM. I'm only bringing this up because almost all of those Psychics have extreme plot importance tied to their power, and if I'm guessing right, Dredd's going to make another appearance. Or at least someone like Dredd. (I wouldn't use the same name even if it was Dredd, FYI. It's very cool and very appropriate, but when one of the GMs is Judge Dredd, well...)

Granted, the existence of Psychics at all in the PxR versions of GCeA isn't exactly a must, much less PC Psychics, but considering that some of the plot is tied to their powers (and again, Dredd's likely to reappear in some manner), I had to at least point that out.
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