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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

(OOC: Forgot about this. Will post for Dustyn tomorrow. It is 10:30pm at the moment)
Ella's Loft
Affected RPers: Kei Ochima

"Your worried about your brother, aren't you?" Ella said looking at the News report of the destroyed building. Caroline had been watching it silently for a while. "Don't be surprised. I'm a mind reader. But what confuses even me, is why you are worried about it, when he is the reason you can barely get off that couch at the moment?"

This seriously confused Ella, seeing that if she were in Caroline's position, she would hate Alex, and would want revenge.

"I suppose I was an only child, so I wouldn't know what it is like to have siblings." Ella said, "Truth be told, until I read Blaise's mind, and ran into his car because he needed help, I had never really had any friends. My father was a politician, and I was rarely allowed to leave the house for my own safety. That is the reason I ran away. I knew I could take care of myself after I escaped the abduction, and left. I wanted to be free."

Ella stopped talking, realising how much of herself she is giving away. She had only known Caroline for a day, and didnt want to give away too much more. Luckily she was interrupted by the sound of a knocking on the door, and a pizza on the other side.

Ella made herself look like a man in his mid twenties, and gave the delivery guy an imaginary $20 note, telling him to keep the change. When she saw he had put it in his pouch, she removed the illusion, and took the pizza in.

"Pizza is here." Ella said, taking the box over to Caroline, and sinking her teeth into a piece rather savagely.

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