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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Alex, Ashley and Josh
New York City

Ashley’s face paled as she watched Ichiru enter the glass room she was in and carrying the wire cutters in his hands, bringing the brunette to struggle against the metal restraints. She quickly looked down towards her wrists and concentrated hard to will up shadows so she could slip through the metal, but only flickers of darkness appeared. Her abilities were returning, but not quick enough as Ichiru placed the tool around her pointer finger on her left hand.

“I’m sorry. It wasn’t supposed to end up like this.” Ichiru spoke in a low voice as Ashley brought her attention back to him, her fear now showing as Ichiru began to put pressure. Ashley looked away and tightly shut her eyes as she braced herself from the excruciating pain that was going to happen in just mere seconds, though that pain didn’t come. Confusion washed over the brunette as she opened her eyes and glanced over towards the male, seeing that he was breathing hard.

“Ichiru?” Ashley whispered.

“Murderers…” Ichiru spoke, Josh and Alex looking at each other in confusion. Ichiru then put a great amount of pressure on the cutters which caused Ashley to gasp in pain, the skin being cut down to the bone as blood dripped from her finger. She thought that Ichiru was really going to cut off her finger, but all of a sudden he turned around and flung the cutters at the glass, shattering it.

“What the hell?” Alex shouted, seeing the raged expression on Ichiru’s face. He then tapped into Ichiru’s head, finding out that The Company had killed his parents. “Crap…”

“What is it?” Josh asked as he quickly looked over towards Alex.

“He knows The Company killed his parents.” Alex responded, Ichiru releasing a large blast of power which shattered the rest of the glass and sent it flying towards them. Alex quickly took Josh and pulled him down towards the ground to dodge the shards of glass, though a piece embedded deep into Josh’s neck. The alarms then went off as explosions were heard throughout the building, though Alex didn’t know what caused the other explosions as he tried to help his best friend dying on the floor.

Ashley watched in shock as her metal restraints sliced into two, the brunette knowing Ichiru had freed her. She tried to stand but was unable to because of the wound on her leg, Ashley focusing her attention on her finger then as she ripped off a piece of her shirt from the bottom and wrapped it around her bleeding finger.

“Kiseki!” Ichiru yelled as he quickly scooped Ashley up into his arms, the group quickly leaving. Ichiru looked down at Ashley then as she locked eyes with his own, the male offering a small smirk to her. “Looks like it’s my turn to save you.”

“About damn time.” Ashley responded with a smirk on her own. After the group left the building Alex was trying to do everything he could to save Josh, but it was too late as the other male bled out from his neck. Alex slowly stood to his feet as he looked in the direction where Ichiru, Kiseki and Ashley had escaped, the male’s face filled with rage as he began to throw random items around in frustration.

After Kiseki healed Ashley’s wound on her leg and when they returned to the apartment Ashley reassured Ichiru and Kiseki that she could walk, the brunette leading the twins up to her apartment and pulled them inside, quickly closing and locking the door.

“What the hell is going on?” Jeremy asked from the kitchen, not seeing Ashley’s finger just yet. “Why the hell are they here? I thought you were in your room this entire time.”

“The Company caught me.” Ashley responded as she walked passed Jeremy and opened the fridge to get two bottles of water, handing them over to Ichiru and Kiseki. Jeremy looked over to the handle on the refrigerator and saw the smear of blood, his attention then shifting to Ashley’s hand.

“They found you? How?” Jeremy asked, though accusing eyes quickly traveled to Kiseki and Ichiru.

“It’s wasn’t them, Jeremy. They saved me.” Ashley rolled her eyes at her brother.

“What happened to your finger?” Jeremy asked, ignoring the fact that Ichiru and Kiseki had saved his sister. Ashley sighed and looked down, telling her brother everything that happened. When Ashley was finished talking Jeremy locked eyes with Ichiru, rage clearly seen on his face. “You did that to my sister? She’s my sister!” Jeremy sprang forward and took Ichiru by his shirt, the male putting his hand into a fist and was about to punch Ichiru in the face.

“Knock it off!” Ashley shouted, putting her right hand up and being able to stop Jeremy’s attack by covering his entire arm in shadows and controlling them. Ashley then moved her arm and flung Jeremy over to the couch, the male crashing and falling onto the floor. “Now they decide to work…” Ashley sighed in frustration.

“How can you defend the person who did that to you?” Jeremy growled as he stood up and walked back into the kitchen.

“He didn’t have a choice! You know how The Company is!”

“Yeah well with them tagging along it’s only a matter of time until we’re all killed. They’re being tracked, Ashley! Just like mom and dad! The Company will find us if we stay with these two!” Jeremy responded.

“Then I guess we’re going to be found.” Ashley growled, Jeremy storming into his room and slamming the door. Ashley sighed, looking over to Ichiru and Kiseki. “I know my brother is right about them tracking the two of you, but we’ll have a better chance of surviving if we all stick together.”

New York City

Caroline, Ella and Blaise left the hospital together and ended up at Ella’s loft after driving there, Blaise helping Caroline into the wheelchair.

"So how does a 14 year old get her own loft?" Blaise asked, looking at the building that Ella lived in as Caroline chuckled.

"I'm 16," Ella responded, "and it helps when they think that I am 21 and have just handed them a wad of cash that doesn't really exist."

Blaise then left after offering help get Caroline settled in, Ella wheeling Caroline to an elevator.

"Welcome to Casa de Ella." Ella said as they went into her loft. Caroline saw it was pretty big, the loft having one large room which looked to be a lounge, kitchen and dining area. There was a bedroom and a small bathroom, Caroline’s smile widening. Caroline saw that the loft was a little messy, but that didn’t bother her.

“Wow…” Caroline said.

"If I knew I would be having company, I would have tidied up before I left this morning. I have never had someone over here." Ella said as she walked to the bedroom. "I didn't think I would be jumping into a strangers car helping him get a dying girl to a hospital."

“It’s okay. It’s better than my apartment.” Caroline laughed, forcing herself to stand up slowly so she didn’t have to be stuck in that stupid chair.

"Were you wanting to go to sleep now?" Ella asked, "or did you want to stay up a bit. I am off the walls from the energy drinks I downed keeping up the illusions, so I can go either way."

“I’ll stay up.” Caroline responded, walking over towards the couch and sitting down.

Ella then grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, grabbing her phone and typed in a number.

"What type of pizza do you like?"

“Anything is fine.” Caroline responded with a smile, her attention shifting over towards the television. A breaking news story suddenly same on to which caught Caroline’s attention, the blonde quickly looking over towards Ella. “Can you leave the channel on here real quick?” Caroline asked, looking back over towards the television where a female reporter began to talk.

“One of The Company’s main headquarters at the Bronx had been almost completely destroyed only moments ago as fifteen of its members were killed, this incident sparking up questions.” The woman began. “We’ve asked some of the agents what had caused this explosion to the building but they aren’t releasing any information regarding that, but they did tell us that a few people who have abilities had escaped. They won’t give us the identification of who escaped, but said to be extra cautious. Rumors are spreading that this could have been the same thing that destroyed city blocks in Manhattan only hours before this explosion, the two incidents being very much connected. If anyone has any information regarding the two stories, please dial 911.”

Caroline looked down, instantly thinking of her brother Alex. Was he in the headquarters at the time? Could he be dead right now? Caroline didn’t have her prepaid phone since she didn’t get a new one that morning and she didn’t want to risk calling Alex from Ella’s phone, the blonde sighing as she looked out the window.
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