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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

When the group arrived back home, everyone's attention shifted to the blonde who had returned with them. When she offered them a small smile, it was clear right away that this was the Caroline they knew. Ichiru gave a sigh of relief as Ashley crossed the space between them and hugged Caroline tightly. He looked at Kiseki as the two of them spoke, easily seeing the change in him compared to when they had left. He was clearly relieved, if not a little fatigued. However, he could see in his eyes that something else had happened; something that wasn't good.

Just as he was thinking this, Damon walked into the house with Bill in his arms and laid him on the couch.

“What happened?” Diana beat Ichiru to the question as the older Vampire walked over to her.

“I accidentally killed him after feeding him my blood. He was able to train his mind to not be compelled by Vampires even while being Vervain-free, which was how he was still here even after Damon compelled him to leave.” Caroline responded as she looked down in guilt.

“Everything will be okay.” Ashley said, to which the blonde gave a small smile as she looked back up.

“That’s what Kiseki said.” She looked over to the dark haired teen at her side, who had been spacing out since they had returned home. He snapped back to reality when she laced her fingers with his, and offered a small smile in response before Caroline turned her eyes back to the others. “We need to get Kevin and Kol. Klaus has them.”

“What exactly happened?” Isobel asked as Kotomi sat on the couch while Abigail and Scarlet joined her. Aiden left the group near the door as well and sat down on the couch with the trio .

“They found out what Klaus wanted from me.” Caroline responded, though she was hesitant as she looked over towards Kiseki. A feeling of dread washed over the Vampire in that instant, and both Ichiru and Aiden frowned with concern.

“What is it, Caroline?” Stefan pressed on. The blonde sighed, squeezing Kiseki's hand tighter. This only confirmed that the news she was about to give them would anger - possibly even enrage - him.

“You guys know how Kevin was the one to personally turn me into a Vampire, right?” She began, receiving nods in response. “Well it turns out that my Vampire blood is a bit different than other Vampires, like how Ashley’s blood is different since she’s one of the doppelgangers and is half Angel from her mother, Meredith. Well… Ashley isn’t the only Vampire who is able to have children.”

“You’re able to have children?”The expressions on Aiden's and the twins' faces reflected the shock in Lexi's question. That certainly wasn't something they had expected to hear. However, as the realization of what this probably meant struck Kiseki, his expression began to darken steadily.

“I am, since I was turned directly from an Original. But… I can only reproduce with an Original. Either Kevin, Kol, Aiden, Finn, Elijah or Klaus…”

“Oh sh*t… Klaus wanted to have children with you, didn’t he? To create some sort of weird Hybrid army...” By the time Damon spoke, Kiseki's eyes had turned blood red, although he hadn't said or done anything yet.

“I’m taking Kiseki upstairs so he doesn’t try to rip Klaus’ throat out. We have to figure out how to rescue Kevin and Kol though.” Just when the dark haired teen was thinking of going after the Original, Caroline spoke again, and began gently pulling him toward the stairs. Ichiru noticed that his eyes had changed and gave him a warning look, but before anyone could do or say anything else, the front door suddenly opened, and Kevin and Kol walked in, the latter holding Caroline's suitcases. Kiseki was so shocked to see them that he temporarily forgot his rage, and his eyes returned to their normal emerald color.

“How the hell are you here?” Kotomi asked, though relieved.

“Klaus set us free.” Kevin responded.

“He wanted to apologize for his barbaric actions towards Caroline, so he let us go. He even told me to give you your clothes back.” Kol added, walking over and handing Caroline her belongings. “Your humanity is back on though, right? No more being a psycho b*tch?”

“I’m back.” Caroline laughed, hugging Kol.

“Uncle Kol said a bad word!” Scarlet yelled as Abigail threw a toy block at him, hitting him in the shoulder.

“Now put a dollar in the potty-mouth jar!” Abigail demanded.

“How about I make you girls a big bowl of ice cream?” Kol asked, Abigail’s and Scarlet’s mood suddenly shifting brightly as they jumped up and down in excitement.

“Really, Kol?” Ashley sighed. “Now they’re going to be hyper.”

“Exactly.” Kol chuckled, then heading into the kitchen with the toddlers.

“I want an apology from Klaus himself.” Caroline said. “That’s the only way I can ever start to even slightly forgive him.”

“I need to apologize too… to both you and Kiseki.” Kevin spoke up as the group broke off to do their own thing. The only one who seemed to remain in the living room with the trio was Aiden, but after a few moments, he read the atmosphere and went to join Kotomi in the kitchen.

“Don’t worry about it.” Caroline responded but Kevin shook his head.

“No. I acted childish, so I need to give you two my sincere apologies. I’m never going to get over you if I stay here. I decided that for our friendship… I’m going to leave Fells Church so that our friendship can be saved. I need to find my mate, like how you and Kiseki found each other. I’m never going to find that if I stay here.”

“You’re leaving…?” Caroline asked, sadness clear in her voice and expression. Kiseki could do nother but look at the ground, feeling guilty for what he had done earlier. Even if he had controlled himself and purposely missed, he had still thought of and even attempted to stab Kevin with a sharp tree branch.

“It won’t be forever, Caroline.” The Original responded to Caroline with a small smile. “I’ll come back to the group eventually. I just need time to get my life together… even though I’ve had over a thousand years to do that.”

Caroline laughed at his statement, walking over to hug the older Vampire.

“Please come back soon.”

“I will.” Kiseki looked up just as the two released each other, and Kevin looked over to him with a playful smirk. “If you hurt her I swear I’ll kill you.”

Kiseki managed a smile in response, although he couldn't manage to say anything before the Original left. He gave a soft sigh, turning his attention to Caroline as she looked over to him.

“I hope he’ll be okay.” She said, her gaze then shifting to Bill on the couch. “Him on the other hand…” With a sigh, she walked into the living room and sat on the couch, bringing Kiseki to follow. Thanks to Kevin and Kol coming back at the time they did, his rage toward Klaus had quickly been put out. It was unfortunately still there, but at least Kiseki didn't have the burning desire to go tear his throat out now.

He walked over to the couch Caroline was sitting on and sat down beside her.

"They'll both be fine. Kevin is strong, and your dad clearly has a lot of willpower. If he was able to train himself to resist compulsion, then I'm sure he'll get through this." He offered a smile, taking her hand in his and gently rubbing the top of it. He remembered when he had first been turned all those years ago, how Caroline had encouraged him and helped him overcome it. "He also has you. I know from experience that with your help, the battle isn't that hard."

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