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Default Re: rstar42 VS Micro [Dino]

Hmmm interesting. Trying to evade the second move, eh?

Okay Beta, lets do our unique move while he's speeding himself up. Go for Ω Spike!

Then on the second turn, since we only have Physical Moves, use Iron Head at the tree, if he climbs in it, to get him out of there. Otherwise use Iron Head at him instead.

Ω Spike - Iron Head@Tree / Iron Head@Roots


Don't have to scroll up to see the move now. ;P

Sig. Move: Ω Spike (Omega Spike)
Signature Move: Ω Spike (Omega Spike)
Description: Beta puts most of his power in his back claw, making them longer, sharper and turn into a different color. Then the three nails come together into the middle of the circle it is on, to become a spike. Beta then charges at the opponent as quick as possible, while rotating to point the spike at the opponent. (Much like a bee.) If it hits an opponent it'll get a chance to get a status effect, depending on the color the spike got. After the spike hits or misses, it'll turn normal into a claw again, making the nails seperated again and the color/length of it normal color/size.
The colors and effects are as following.
-White=No Effect
Even though the opponent get hits by one of the colored spikes, it doesn't instantly mean it's inflicted by the effect.
Type: Steel
Base Power: 75
Accuracy: 90%
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: 11%
Impact: Single Target
Priority: None. (0)
Effects: All effects except for "No Effect", have a 50% chance of inflicting the status.
0-11: Poison
12-22: Paralysis
23-33: Burn
34-44: Infatuation
45-55: Freeze
56-66: Sleep
67-77: Confusion
78-100: No Effect
Usage Gap: One round after the move has been used.
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