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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
okay I read through the rules and they are looking good. I addressed some my thought. I only had minor problems. Egg picks up and such

Based on the region they pick i will create a list of possible eggs..
I will say that no every pokemon will be available as an egg.
I agree, mostly as we shouldn't just make this game easy for the players, but for the mods as well. XD Having a number for each Pokemon (especially if we'll have over 700 after X and Y are released...) it'll be a bit difficult for mods to generate the Pokemon and give them each their own individual values.



Judge and I have been discussing the rules and a new rule came to mind about activity.

With activity, anyone missing after a certain amount of time (not sure how long yet) will have their characters left at a certain location (and will be written by a mod).

However, if the players knows they're leaving, then they should do the following:
1.) State in the Club their absence.
2.) Make a post detailing their character leaving the group.
3.) Write in their trainer stats where the character was left at. (This is so that if they player comes back and wish to rejoin that they will remember where they left off at.)

If the players don't do it themselves, then a mod will complete the above for the player.

This is to avoid dragging characters around and makes it easier on the mods.

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