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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

My response to everything:


Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Okay, here is a couple responses

Eggs hatching with a certain amount of posts is a great idea. Its really more simple. Having an egg adoption store, a market and lottery place would be good as links with in the story.
For example

The team Arrives in goldenrod city. In Goldenrod you can visit Market Place, Egg Adoption or Lottery Building.

Now this is going to sound strange but those will each be different threads. Think about it kinda like they have the WFL set up. People would be able to go their and fill out a form for whatever.

I know this takes away from the story part, but remember this is more than an RPG.

Pretty much what Latio said. I mean, I can see it working out as an unlockable. (Getting to Goldenrod allows players to buy eggs but before that point they cannot.) I still think that each player is allowed one egg if they join GCEA when it starts as a promotion. (I’d say within the first 10 to 20 pages would warrant the promo?) I mean, if someone wants to buy an egg, I can see an extra thread for the sake of organization. However, if a Mod implements an egg as a wild encounter, then it should remain in the story’s thread and would not warrant an extra thread.

I agree with the lottery place being a separate thread, it’s just a lot easier to keep track of who is doing the lottery. (I think with the lottery, anyone can spend as many points as they want to spend on “tickets.” Much like buying real life lottery tickets.

Market place... Are you talking about buying potions and the like? Wouldn’t that be a bit late in the game for that? Or, are you talking about special Pokeballs and the like?

Im thinking people will need to buy pokeballs too... The price would be kinda low for basic balls.

The only reason why I’m against this is due to the fact that we already spend a fair amount of points on catching the Pokemon, evolving the Pokemon, battling, leveling, etc... It may just be more balanced to have Pokeballs free. (Or, something like, spend 2 points get 20 Pokeballs.)

Even with the spending of points, there’s just going to be more to keep track of with the Trainer Card. It really may be better off to leave the regular Pokeballs as it is. However, that’s just my opinion on it.


The Logo should be made up of the Unowns

Okay! Will do! I’ll send you a WIP of it tonight when I get home.

Abilities can be talked about in the future but!!! how they work would have to change. This is a later conversation.

@Latio: I think he’s just talking about the 2nd GCEA. Even if it is agreed on, I would like to just see it in a different GCEA than the current one. The idea is still there, but it will be implemented into a different game, but not the next one.

When we make a GCEA club page and we have a lot of members join in, we’ll take a vote on the issue as well as another vote for the 2nd GCEA. But, for now, we’re going to leave it on the side; feel free to make the rules for it or not for later, but do NOT put them into the next GCEA.

Okay, I think that issue’s settled? XD

I am planning to break everything down in the main thread. So that someone could just click a link on how to battle and they would get an easy explanation.

I like Latio’s way, to be honest. Just because each region of the GCEA will be different. Thus, the rules will be different according to the region (in regards to items, Pokemon to be found, and even with Gold and Silver’s instance with the Chrome and Tyrant clans). It’s just better off to have them as individual posts on the one GCEA thread. Especially as the players can just flip to the first page, copy a form, and go back to paste the form in their post.

However, if you wanted to share the market place/lottery forums for ALL GCEAs, then I’m cool with that. I don’t think it will be too many players to warrant separate shops depending on the individual games.

5th I agree with having others read through. Its important that its not too wordy.

My boyfriend understood the rules, which is why I think, after my last revisions, that the rules are ready for you to look over and decide if they’re ready or not.

Mods of the thread will have to be given a rule guide of how it works. I will be using the same random number generator used for the WFL in GCEA. I would like this to help determine pokemon appearances. I know that sounds complicated buy its not so bad.
Thoughts on the number generator ?

I’m cool with this, make sure the eg-

For eggs, the number generator will be used. Also, as far as hatching the eggs goes. If a certain amount of steps is needed then we need to decide.

...Okay, you beat me to the punch there. XD However, I agree with there being a separate thread for the Mods (or some sort of club made for the mods so that they may discuss anything storywise with other Mods to get the ball rolling that way).

Number generator just makes sense as that’s how the Pokemon games are done.

However, I was also thinking about whether or not the randomized eggs would be categorized when buying them. Mostly as I’d hate to spend points to wind up with a Bidoof. XD But, if it can’t be helped, then it just can’t be helped.

Another note, for whomever also buys an egg (and the off chance that it happens) if they wind up buying an egg that would hatch into a Pokemon that they already have (unless the Pokemon can evolve into two different Pokemon such as Slowpoke for Slowbro and Slowking) that we redo the random generator as there isn’t much of a point for a player to have two of the same Pokemon. As such, it would also really stink if they got stuck with two Riolus.

Which brings me to another point... Everything I just mentioned above would be okay in my opinion if the players were able to trade Pokemon with another trainer.

So really, I’d like to either see variety in the eggs or the option to trade with trainers.

(I felt like this had to be brought up. Sorry. XD; )

It could be something like double its starting points. So a level 5 pokemon would take ten posts to hatch. Im thinking we should also take from urgp and go with time frames.

I’m glad that we all agree on this! :D

Common pokemon can hatch the same day, Uncommon pokemon 2 days, Rare 3 days and Super Rare 4 days.

I’d much rather stick to one method, just because it may confuse players. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, I’d much rather posts over a time frame as it encourages players to post more to hatch their eggs. AND, the players will know exactly when their egg hatches and could make their egg hatching post around that.

Is that to much ?

I think I said too much. LOL.

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