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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Okay, here is a couple responses

Eggs hatching with a certain amount of posts is a great idea. Its really more simple. Having an egg adoption store, a market and lottery place would be good as links with in the story.
For example

The team Arrives in goldenrod city. In Goldenrod you can visit Market Place, Egg Adoption or Lottery Building.

Now this is going to sound strange but those will each be different threads. Think about it kinda like they have the WFL set up. People would be able to go their and fill out a form for whatever.

I know this takes away from the story part, but remember this is more than an RPG.

Couldn't you just buy them just like you buy Potions? That required no separate thread, that was in the story proper and didn't have any hitches to them. Think of Eggs just like that.

Im thinking people will need to buy pokeballs too... The price would be kinda low for basic balls.

I was going to weave in a story explanation for how posts=points. The original GCeA members were partaking in a Psychological experiment called 'the Rivalry experiment,' and as a part of volunteering, they'd make sure the entire journey was paid for and make sure Pokeball stocks never ran out for any reason. The reason behind the generosity is best called 'compensation,' due to the fact that if the hypothesis was correct, they'd be taking two good friends and turn them into mortal enemies, for all due intents and purposes (It's kind of based off of the Red/Blue Rivalry of the first games-Blue was explicitly stated to not be a jerk until recently when it started. The minds behind it are trying to figure out what happened there.).


The Logo should be made up of the Unowns

Abilities can be talked about in the future but!!! how they work would have to change. This is a later conversation.

We're not including them until the second iteration of GCeA. If you want them in the first iteration, TELL ME NOW SO WE CAN MAKE THE RULES NOW, and just restrict them so they don't appear until badge number two or something else reasonable. If you try to pop them up as a surprise, I will chew you out for it.

I am planning to break everything down in the main thread. So that someone could just click a link on how to battle and they would get an easy explanation.

As far as the rules thread would be concerned, all of the rules will be on the same thread, separated by posts. There isn't enough material in any of them to justify a full-blown thread for each of them. As far as formatting the rest, I'm all game with this.

5th I agree with having others read through. Its important that its not too wordy.

I like this as well.

Mods of the thread will have to be given a rule guide of how it works. I will be using the same random number generator used for the WFL in GCEA. I would like this to help determine pokemon appearances. I know that sounds complicated buy its not so bad.
Thoughts on the number generator ?


For eggs, the number generator will be used.

I'm separating this because it's important: In the rules, I stated that the Pokemon in the eggs will have their identity known to the player when they're obtained. The Pokemon in the Eggs can also be ANYTHING. Regional boundaries wouldn't be taken into account when doing these. You could have a Riolu in Kanto or a Torchic in Unova because of that.

Also, as far as hatching the eggs goes. If a certain amount of steps is needed then we need to decide.

It could be something like double its starting points. So a level 5 pokemon would take ten posts to hatch.

This is what me and Eevee already agreed upon and what's already in the edited version of the rules (which is taking the place of version six, which is a page back).

Im thinking we should also take from urgp and go with time frames.

Common pokemon can hatch the same day, Uncommon pokemon 2 days, Rare 3 days and Super Rare 4 days.

I'm not too fond of that idea, really. Let's just go with double the points.

Is that to much ?
My responses are bolded.
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