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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
...I should explain that was intentional. I mean, do you really think adding a link to EVERY last form you make for battles is really efficiant and simple? You only need one link and one small thing on results at the bottom. I added a paragraph to try to prevent any confusion, but I really screwed this up if that was misread. :P

-1 for Latio...

I'll get cracking on the edits I have to make (especially on the battling forms to make sure everyone knows there should only be one Result section and one Link to the Stats.). Thanks for all the help. :D Seriously, you've been awesome enough to deserve a Cookie. *Gives Eevee a Cookie*
To be honest, I'd just start to copy and paste the "Link to stats" to every form, but that's just me. XD

As for the results. I personally think it'd be cleaner that way. Mostly because you've got the top example, you read through it, OK, then you read through the second one, OK, and then you've got the results for Croconaw out of no where. I got confused and actually forgot that he was in the first example. XD;

That's why I felt that the results for Croconaw could just be moved under the first example. XD I'm not sure if it'd just be me or not, really. :P

Anytime! And, thanks for yours? XD But, seriously, if you guys need more help, I'll be more than happy to do so. (It'll be a long summer of me doing a whole lot of nothing, really. x_x)

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