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Originally Posted by Eevee trainer View Post
Pokemon Battling:

The Indent html coding is broken in the battling form.

“Result: Hydro the Crocanaw has fainted from Knockout,” should be under the first example (with a paragraph gap in between the example and the results). You should also add the “Link to Stats” to the first example, having it missing in one example and there in another would create confusion and make it seem optional when it was already stated as mandatory.

Move “Result: Fang the Raticate has been…” to after the link to the stats with a paragraph gap in between the example and the results.
...I should explain that was intentional. I mean, do you really think adding a link to EVERY last form you make for battles is really efficiant and simple? You only need one link and one small thing on results at the bottom. I added a paragraph to try to prevent any confusion, but I really screwed this up if that was misread. :P

-1 for Latio...

Originally Posted by Eevee trainer View Post
Tag team battles should be mentioned in this section as you mention them later on in the League Battling section.

Shadow Pokemon and Purification:

9.) Just change “There’s form for this.” to “Here is the purification form:”

Otherwise, that sections is good to go!

Pokemon Eggs

My first time viewing the section, and I really liked the idea of the NPV times 2 to determine how many posts it’d take to hatch the given egg.

It may be a good idea to have players take links from when they get the egg and have it in the trainer stats so that they won’t have to go looking for it later. It’ll be more organized this way, I think.

The Forms:

Just move “The Forms” outside of the spoiler tag.

With that, if you fix all of the above, then I think all the revisions are done! :D
I'll get cracking on the edits I have to make (especially on the battling forms to make sure everyone knows there should only be one Result section and one Link to the Stats.). Thanks for all the help. :D Seriously, you've been awesome enough to deserve a Cookie. *Gives Eevee a Cookie*
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