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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
I've made the changes to revision number six.

For the record, if we're including abilities-at all-I advise adding the existence of those rules to the actual rules, even if they're not popping up immediately. No surprises. Keep it as an unlockable after reaching a certain badge count (like, two), and, above all else, ALERT PEOPLE THAT THEY EXIST. What the specific abilities are do not have to be listed, but that they exist-or will exist-HAS TO!

I have to stress it.

On another note, again, if anyone else notices any errors, please alert me.

Okay Eggs will stay but will be toned down. In Gold and Silver I gave away a ton of eggs, I think the eggs went over well. The biggest problem was time frame on when and how to hatch them. Maybe the eggs in the future should come with a date. Then based on a ranking of common, Uncommon , Rare and Super Rare. They would be able to find a date. The egg would be given a pick up date and a hatch date or ranking so they would know when it could hatch.

I agree with the trainer Card Template. I tried to edit most cards myself but something that can copy and paste would be good to start.

I still dont feel Abilities should be added. For now we should focus on finishing the rules.

Eevee if you have the time, Id like a list of all the threads that should be created.

Also, the voting poll as to which region should be posted will go up this weekend.

OH and Eevee are you still working on the logo ?

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