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Wow, can’t believe it’s that long now. o_o
Revisions are below the spoiler tag:

How to Play/Rules:
For number 1, I think you need to expand more there. Clearly, in such a late game as (for instance) GCEA Red, it would have been silly for me to just randomly post my trainer information and starter in the middle of that chaos.
Basically, what you have written is fine for the beginning of the game, but it should have more information for those that are trying to join mid-game.

Evolution and Level Ups:
Remake the title as just “Evolutions” and bold the title “Leveling Up a Pokemon.” They’re technically two different sections and should be separated. (Just an appeal to the eye. Plus, the “Level up” section would be easier to spot for people to go back to if they have questions.)
Wild Pokemon:
4.) The wording is confusing here. State that the version differences in game also affect the different GCEA games. (Or, just mention GCEA in general; as Pokemon players, we already know that the Pokemon are different depending on the game but there was no mention of the GCEA game in that sentence.)

Wild Pokemon:
I would like to see an example of the type advantage in practice here as you have a normal example as well.
Indent coding is broken for the form.

Have the sentence beginning with “Here’s a pair of examples…” and just make that a different paragraph.

“Result: Hydro the Crocanaw has fainted from Knockout,” should be under the first example (with a paragraph gap in between the example and the results). You should also add the “Link to Stats” to the first example, having it missing in one example and there in another would create confusion and make it seem optional when it was already stated as mandatory.

Move “Result: Fang the Raticate has been…” to after the link to the stats with a paragraph gap in between the example and the results.

The rule for the “half-points” should go before the “Fang the Raticate” example as you mentioned that it’d be at “half-points.” The example would become confusing as the information was not introduced yet.

League Battles:
I like the fact that you mentioned you would talk about Shadow Pokemon later on. C:

However, I did not know that other people could jump in on a Pokemon battle and had confused me a bit. XD;

Are the prizes for gym battles random or set for each match? (Side Note: Also, being able to turn a Pokemon into a shiny… that’s really strange, but could be a potential plot?)

I also think we should start making the poll now for the new GCEA, we're getting down to the wire for the revisions and the polls ought to get started. How should we go about getting this started?

If we're also getting new mods, now would also be the time to contact them and ask if they' d take part in GCEA, I believe.

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