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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
I think Abilities should be left out at this point. Maybe we can discuss them later on, but they will only make battling more complicated. Our goal is to create a easy to understand template and we still have a little work.

I didnt think you were attacking them! :)

Well after thinking about it for awhile. Im thinking a lottery would be (if people by a ticket they will win the full amount of tickets put in) that is something that can be done in the game.

Writing contests- I have been considering these for awhile. Maybe something like a great gym battle/ capture ..or I was thinking about having a tournament in one of the cities. The winner of the writing contest would get a prize

GCEA Journal- This would be something you could earn points for just by posting once a week.

Sprite Contests- I would really like to explore fun sprite contests

In short, you guys are doing great ! lets hold off on all abilities and try to get the basic rules done.
Okay, I just wanted to make sure! ^-^

I like the lottery idea! (But, maybe there could be a second place prize, too? Just so that there's more chances to win. It really depends on how many people partake in the lottery though.)

I really like the journal idea! It's a nice way to keep track of what happened in the GCEAs that week. It could even be used as a bit of a summary of what had happened in the GCEAs before new players join.

All righty, I think Latio mentioned he was working on the 6th revision. So, I'll wait for that to finish before adding more revisions/suggestions. c:

I think now would be a good idea to start a poll for the GCEA as well. Mostly as we're almost done with the revision of the rules, I think.

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