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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Ichiru and Kiseki
New York City
Bronx Headquarters

After everything was said and done - and Ashley was finally successfully restrained after all of her struggling - Alex walked over to Ichiru and offered him a set of wire cutters.

“Cut off one of her fingers now so we can get the plan going by sending the finger to Jeremy.” He ordered, and Kiseki, who had been too shocked by the entire situation up until this point, finally moved to look at Ichiru. For once, he was doing incredibly well at hiding his expression, but when Ichiru glanced at him, he could clearly see the pleading in his brother’s eyes. Both of them were shaken after their discoveries only minutes before, and such an order given all of a sudden didn’t help much at all.

However, despite his inner turmoil, Ichiru took the cutters offered to him and shifted his gaze to Ashley, whose glassy eyes locked with his own. He hadn’t shown it, but her yelling through the glass earlier had reached him. Had it not been for the articles he found online thanks to what she told him in the woods, and the fact that she had put herself on the line to save him twice already, he would probably be able to carry out this task without a problem. Probably even if she hadn’t yelled at him here, he might have been able to shut off his emotions long enough to complete his task. But now he couldn’t. He could hide what he was feeling on the outside, but he wasn’t doing such a great job at actually fighting it.

Kiseki wanted to say something to him to try and convince him not to do it, or to talk Josh and Alex into coming up with something less torturous, but it would only be in vain if he tried. He already knew that from his past experiences with things like this. No matter what he said, they would never settle for a more peaceful method. That’s how The Company was.

Ichiru finally walked into the glass room where Ashley was restrained, approaching the brunette with an emotionless expression. He was forced to look away from her when their eyes met again, silently positioning the cutters around the pointer finger on her left hand.

“I’m sorry. It wasn’t supposed to end up like this.” He spoke loud enough for only Ashley to hear, and started to apply pressure to the tool in his hand. His hand froze, and the hesitation he was trying to fight off finally started making itself clear. However, to Kiseki watching nervously on the other side of the glass, it was too subtle to see.

“Hey, if you resist this will only hurt more, you know?”

A blurry image of a man’s face flashed into Ichiru’s mind, an unfamiliar voice echoing in his head. He felt a sharp pain similar to the one he had gotten after reading the article from Jacob Muller, and held his head briefly with one of his hands.

“See, your wife is already dead. Why don’t you follow her obediently?”

A woman lay on the ground with a crimson puddle staining the carpet beneath her head. The living room furniture was splattered with blood from the struggle, and two strange men stood only a few feet away. A third man was restrained by two of them, and a hand was forcibly held out toward the others.

Ichiru could see from where he was that two of the man’s fingers were already missing, lying somewhere in the bloody mess beneath them.

“But before you do, tell us where the children are. My men have searched this entire house already. I know you know where they are, and I won’t let you die peacefully until you tell me.”

A set of wire cutters were positioned around the ring finger on the man’s right hand. He was trembling from the pain, but he refused to make a sound to acknowledge it, nor did he answer the men. This angered the speaker, and he applied pressure to the wire cutters, preparing to remove the third finger.

“NO!” Ichiru screamed without realizing, and the wire cutters suddenly flew out of the man’s hands and into the wall across the room. The man holding them had been affected as well, but the child’s powers hadn’t been strong enough to move him.

“Ichiru!” His father looked over toward him, finding him with his eyes instantly. “Run!”

A face appeared in front of Ichiru seconds later, and he instinctively shrunk back into his hiding place. However, the man who was looking at him was different than the others. He seemed upset about everything that was going on. Despite this, Ichiru started to push past him and run, but before he could, a bloody hand shoved the other man aside, and the one who had been torturing Ichiru’s father appeared in front of him. Without hesitation, he reached into the narrow hiding place the child had been huddled in and grabbed his arm, dragging him out into the open roughly.

“Well here’s one…” Ichiru struggled against his grip until he was handed off to the first man who had found him.

“I found the other. Turns out he had been using his abilities to make me think he wasn’t in the room.” A third man returned downstairs with an unconscious Kiseki in his arms. “Must have burned himself out.”

“Then I guess that makes you useless now.” The first man turned back to Ichiru’s father, giving him as smirk as he pointed a gun in his direction. A deafening shot followed, and the older man dropped to the ground lifelessly.

Ichiru stared at the blood pooling beneath his father’s body, lying beside his mother on the living room floor. The man appeared in front of him, saying something about how he and his brother had been incredibly hard to track down. Ichiru’s shocked expression slowly turned into anger, and as tears began to burn his eyes, he released a blast of energy toward the man, this time successfully knocking him away. He was quickly restrained afterward and started screaming hysterically, kicking and thrashing in his captor’s grip.

“I’m sorry.” A kinder voice came from behind him, and somehow he knew it had been the first man who had found him. However, his voice wasn’t enough to calm the child. “I’m so sorry.”

“You guys made a mess.” The one holding Kiseki finally spoke again. “Jacob and I will take the kids back to headquarters, you take care of this mess. We don’t want this to be on the news for the next week or so because of your showy methods.”

The first man got back to his feet while cursing up a storm, his eyes locked on Ichiru, who had gradually begun to calm down thanks to the constant apologizing in his ear. He went limp, expression becoming blank as the room around him started to distort. The man restraining him lifted Ichiru up into his arms, offering a small, remorseful smile.

“Everything will be okay. We’re taking you somewhere safe now.”

Kiseki looked at Ichiru in concern from the other side of the glass. The older twin had been frozen for some time now, and from his expression and strange breathing, one would think he was going into a panic attack. He glanced at Alex and Josh, wondering whether or not they had noticed as well.

Inside the glass room, the memory that Ichiru had recalled repeated in his mind over and over. His mother being shot, his father being tortured as the men searched the house for the two of them and then shot as well, the man who he now knew as Jacob Muller apologizing to him and carrying him away from the bloody incident with the promise that everything would be okay.

In his hysteria, Ichiru had repressed everything up to the point where he went into shock. He had only remembered seeing his parents dead and the people from The Company taking him away with promises that he would be safe and everything would be okay. But they were actually the ones who had done it. How had he never realized that? These people weren’t his family. They had killed his real family. They were murderers.

“Murderers…” He involuntarily let the word slip through his clenched teeth.

His grip on the wire cutters tightened as an expression of rage came onto his face, and for a moment it seemed as though he would actually cut Ashley‘s finger off, but instead he suddenly turned around and flung the cutters at the glass window.

Kiseki quickly moved out of the way as a hole shattered in the window, the cutters and shards of glass flying toward the three of them on the other side.

“Ichiru, what are you--?!” He cut off when seeing the expression on his brother’s face. What had happened? Surely Ashley hadn’t done anything. He hadn’t even seen the two of them speak to each other.

With an enraged yell, Ichiru released a blast of power identical to the one on that day, although this one was far more powerful than that of fourteen years ago. The rest of the glass window shattered, and several shards of glass rained down on the other side. Kiseki instinctively used his ability on the shards that shot toward him, reversing their direction of motion and sending them into the ceiling.

The metal shackles binding Ashley’s ankles and wrists split in two after the blast of power, having been sliced open by the vectors that had accompanied it. However, despite his current condition, Ichiru had still managed to control his ability enough to where it wouldn’t hit her or Kiseki. The shards of glass had been the only thing out of his control.

During his outburst, Kiseki had heard Ichiru yell something that sounded like “Murderers”, and although it appeared to be directed at Josh and Alex, he could somehow tell it was toward The Company itself. But the real question was what had made the older twin snap?

“Kiseki!” Ichiru’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts, and he looked back at his brother, who quickly scooped Ashley up into his arms. Even without him saying anything else, he knew what the older twin meant and turned to run back in the direction they had come in. Ichiru looked down at Ashley, offering a small smirk that was a complete contrast to his previous outburst. “Looks like it’s my turn to save you.”

With that, he went after Kiseki, following the younger twin back outside to the car they had come in. Kiseki opened one of the doors and Ichiru carefully placed Ashley in the backseat.

“I’ll drive. You get in the back with Ashley and work on that wound on her leg.” He instructed as he turned to Kiseki, who gave a nod and quickly got in the backseat beside Ashley after giving Ichiru the keys to the car. He then gently placed a hand over Ashley’s wound and began to concentrate as he had done with the burn on her shoulder earlier in the apartment.

Ichiru got into the driver’s seat of the car and started it up. He glanced at Ashley in the rearview mirror after starting to drive away from the headquarters and back in the direction of the apartments.

“I know this is probably really confusing for you, but you don’t have to worry now. I don’t want anything to do with those bastards anymore.” His gaze shifted to Kiseki then. “I’ll explain everything to both of you once we get somewhere safe. For now we’ll have to stop by the apartments to inform Jeremy of everything that’s going on… That should be fun.”

Kiseki finished healing Ashley’s wound about halfway through the drive, and was starting to appear visibly fatigued. He had used his ability more times just in one day than he normally had to in a week. Ichiru noticed this when he glanced at the two in the rearview mirror and cursed under his breath. Glancing at the road behind him, he was surprised no one had come after them yet, but that was sure to happen soon.

He pulled into the apartments’ parking lot and shut off the car, quickly getting out as Kiseki followed suit, turning back around toward Ashley as Ichiru walked around the car to stand at his side.

“Can you walk? If your leg is still hurting, one of us can carry you.”

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