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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Alexander Ryans, Subject Zero
New York City

Alexander woke up to a pounding headache, and grit his teeth in pain as he staggered to his feet and scanned his surroundings. With a snort he made his way to the door, and exited the room he was in, before looking around the corridor, and was about to start moving again when he heard something, and he stood still to listen in.

"What?" a voice asked. "You got her back at HQ? I'm tracking someone right now... what? Fine, I'll head over there right now."

Around the corner that Alexander was next to came a man wearing a suit, who stopped walking and was staring at Alexander in horror, and he moved to pull out a gun, but Alexander wrapped his hand around the man's throat and slammed him into the wall, before placing his other hand over the man's head.

The man began to roar in pain as Alexander exerted pressure upon the man's skull as he ripped apart the man's mind, before finding what he wanted and snapped the man's neck before letting his body drop to the floor. Alexander stood still for several moments as he looked through the man's knowledge, before finding out what he had been talking about.

"Bennett? Well, this is intriguing. Seems I should make my way over there." Alexander mused, before dragging the man's body back into the room he just vacated, before swapping his clothes with the man's.

Alexander left the room once more, a smirk on his face as he made his way down the stairs and out of the building, pulling the car keys out of his pocket and getting into the black SUV and pulling out onto the road. After a while of driving, Alexander pulled into a parking space outside a building, before getting out of the car, and walking around to the side entrance from the memories he had absorbed.

Pulling out the card that was in the man's wallet, he used it on the scanner, before entering the building. When the door shut behind him, he smirked as he clicked his neck and began calmly walking down the corridor.

"Well, this is going to be fun. For me at least." Alexander muttered as he turned down the corner, and spotted three guards at the end of the hallway. "Better now than never, right let's do this."

Alexander threw his hands forward, unleashing a Psionic blast that decimated the corridor and sent the three guards flying through the doorway they were guarding, revealing the control room with all the cameras. One of the workers in the room managed to slam his hand down onto a button, setting off the alarms, but that was all he managed before the room exploded into shattered pieces of computer equipment and shards of the building material as several Psionic blasts were unleashed upon the room.

Alexander charged down a hallway, unleashing devastation as he ran, debris flying everywhere as he made his way through the headquarters. He soon found a rhythm of creating the purple Psychic barriers around his hands to deflect bullets, before unleashing Psionic blasts in retaliation, before dodging a hail of gunfire, and unleashing a wave of Psychic Flame back down the corridor, the flames scorching everything in its path, and slamming into a group of guards who fell to the floor screaming in pain as they were burnt. Alexander jumped upwards, grabbing onto a metal bar and swinging himself up onto the balcony overlooking the courtyard he had found himself in, and began running through the upper floor's corridors, blowing up things as he went.

Alexander slid along the floor underneath a hail of gunfire, before launching his right hand forward, unleashing a devastating wave of Psionic destruction which completely obliterated the hallway in front of him as well as the floor below him, leaving a large hole in the side of the building. Alexander smirked as he stayed where he was as he created small spheres of Psionic energy and flung them around at various walls and guards, the spheres exploding when they reached their targets, creating craters and holes wherever they landed.

That should be enough... Alexander thought as he raised both his hands above his head, gathering Psionic energy once more into his hands.

Sparks of energy shot off the growing ball as it grew to a decently large sized sphere, which Alexander launched at the assortment of guards that had just arrived in front of him, before he closed his eyes and began concentrating on a rooftop near to the headquarters, and he disappeared with a loud crack, before reappearing on the rooftop he had pictured, and watched as the entire segment of the headquarters he had been in exploded, spewing debris everywhere. A loud rumble filled the air as several other areas of the building collapsed, most likely due to all the damage Alexander had dealt in his small escapade in the building. Alexander crouched down as he scanned his surroundings, a smirk adorning his features.
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