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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
OK, JD, we've been talking (briefly) on abilities. If you want to know, they're not on EVERY Pokemon: A-la Pokemon rumble, they're only on some uncommon Pokemon (not exactly Shiny-level rare, of course), but they can have powerful effects. Abilities are uncommon but not outright rare, several are just re-names (Overgrow/Torrent/Blaze/Swarm, for instance) and are shared by many Pokemon, and there may or may not be rare exceptions for Legendary Pokemon or Birthday Pokemon (those Pokemon you give out for birthdays). Many require either strategy, sacrifice or both to use, but in exchange, many can turn the tide of battle, very, very quickly. And of course, Pokemon with these abilities are going to cost more (not too much more, but defiantly more.)

For instance, as part of a promotional we might want to do, the people who sign up for GCeA in the first two or three days get a Starter that has Overgrow/Torrent/Blaze, which all increase the power of the starter by double if it's the last consious Pokemon in, at least, a party of three Pokemon (itself included).

Are you alright with abilities, JD? We don't need too many, of course, and again, they're uncommon.

In other news, I'll get revision six up soon, which will include Gym rules in more detail and possibly ability rules. If everything checks out absolutely OK, then we'll start setting up shop in PxR-which, as previously discussed, will include a poll of regions to determine where people want to actually play in and getting more GMs.
I think Abilities should be left out at this point. Maybe we can discuss them later on, but they will only make battling more complicated. Our goal is to create a easy to understand template and we still have a little work.

Originally Posted by Eevee trainer View Post
First of all, I just want to make something clear. We're just bringing up points and throwing suggestions around. We're not attacking you or the rules in any way. We're just trying to come up with any ideas, ya know? c:

Now, I think higher leveled Pokemon for the gym leaders would make sense. I mean, the players would still pay with the point bonuses in the battles.

I agree with the updates... Hardly anyone's on now to keep the stories going. :/ And, I think Red and Gold is mostly just us two going back and forth at this point if we continued.

I had a feeling, I just wanted to bring it up anyway to come up with ideas. The sketch book was still a nice idea, though! (And, would like it to stay. Lol.)

And, agreed. An overhaul would prove to be a bit much. And, incorporating more ways to get points in the forums would promote more posting in other areas. (Such as the sketchbook.) It'd be cool if there were writing contests and other areas that players could participate in the forums that would still allow them to get more points.
I didnt think you were attacking them! :)

Well after thinking about it for awhile. Im thinking a lottery would be (if people by a ticket they will win the full amount of tickets put in) that is something that can be done in the game.

Writing contests- I have been considering these for awhile. Maybe something like a great gym battle/ capture ..or I was thinking about having a tournament in one of the cities. The winner of the writing contest would get a prize

GCEA Journal- This would be something you could earn points for just by posting once a week.

Sprite Contests- I would really like to explore fun sprite contests

In short, you guys are doing great ! lets hold off on all abilities and try to get the basic rules done.

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