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Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
Really, when it comes to the 2nd GCeA Region, we'll just include Kalos in the vote and exclude whatever was chosen the first time; there's still the freedom of choice, and considering the sheer size of it it probably might not be an a+ choice.

We're also going to need more GMs than just JD this time. He's good at his job, but there are probably others just as qualified as him as well that would be just as willing. I know at least one person who might be able to do it. And this is considering that the Pe2k branch just dies outright and the PxR branch is the only one he has to attend to: He'll die of work if he has, like, six or eight to do. More GMs. Seriously.

One more thing. I do want to include one last mechanic in the Transition to PxR: Abilities. In short, Abilities will not be universal, unlike the Pokemon Games/Anime: It'll be like Borderlands, where the better 'loot' (in this case, Pokemon) will be harder to find but worth the effort. For instance, to get people encouraged to join, those who join within the first three or so days get a starter that has Overgrow/Blaze/Torrent, which, unlike the games variant on the abilities (which is almost impossibly tricky to do with GCeA's Mechanics), will double the starter's points if they're the last conscious Pokemon on your team (out of at least three). It should be started as early as possible: No suprises in this regard.

Anyone interested in the concept?
Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
Thanks. I've put the fifth revision as an edit to the fourth.

My thoughts on mid-game joiners and badges is this: Along with their starter package (JD gives starter packages to latecomers), players will receive the gym badges free-of-charge (though there is backtracking on occasion, for plot reasons)...However, beating the Gym rewards you with Pokemon, free-of-charge, that they don't get and have to find the hard way.

Typically, the Pokemon Gyms had fees in GCeA, but I will suggest they're removed, because it always bugged me storywise. They paid you like any other trainer in the video games and never required this in any other source of the Pokemon worlds I've ever seen. It's JD's game, but it's always bugged me.

Okay first more GMs will be included.

I included a price because of the gifts given. I think from this point on, I will increase the power of gym leader pokemons. Ill take away the fees. Im also thinking that either items or maybe even a make your pokemon shiny kinda deal will be used.

I wanted to address activity first. I have been around but the lag makes it hard to do updates a lot. Really the biggest problem has been activty overall. With Draco and Meg pretty much gone. GCEA Blue is died, GCEA Silver cant really move forward with Meg, and Jaye not posting.

What you two have been working on our what we are going to use for the new GCEAs.

@ Eevee.

Sketch Book was only meant to be the begining. I had plans for making a weekly or bi weekly GCEA journal. Which could help people earn more points.

I really dont want to stray to far from most of the points I have already set in place. I would rather make more ways to earn points then stray to far from most of what i set up.

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