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Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
Thanks. I've put the fifth revision as an edit to the fourth.

My thoughts on mid-game joiners and badges is this: Along with their starter package (JD gives starter packages to latecomers), players will receive the gym badges free-of-charge (though there is backtracking on occasion, for plot reasons)...However, beating the Gym rewards you with Pokemon, free-of-charge, that they don't get and have to find the hard way.

Typically, the Pokemon Gyms had fees in GCeA, but I will suggest they're removed, because it always bugged me storywise. They paid you like any other trainer in the video games and never required this in any other source of the Pokemon worlds I've ever seen. It's JD's game, but it's always bugged me.
Okay, I shall look over that shortly. c:

Honestly, I agree. I mean, I can see it happening where the joining trainer would have a badge less than the group. (Being completely even with players that have worked hard since the beginning seems rather unfair to me.) I mean, the reward of having done the gym is receiving a free Pokemon, correct? Then that's something that the players have earned for sticking around rather than jumping in late. But, it doesn't hurt the new players either by not having those Pokemon.

In short, if the badge thing isn't a thing, then I think it'd be cool to do. If it was a badge that was missed that the group later goes back to (like, going back to Goldenrod because of Team Rocket being at Radio Tower) then they could redeem the lost badge by battling at that gym.

Oh? This is something that I am not aware of. (Which reminds me, this should probably be mentioned in the rules; Gym Battles.)

How much do you have to pay in order to attend a gym battle? Depending on how steep it is and how the battles are done. I agree on the fact that paying to do a gym battle would stink. If we actually battle a set amount of Pokemon (like, with the battling forms) then I think the point requirement should be eliminated as the points could be used through those battles instead.

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