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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Ella and Blaise
Hospital in New York
Affected RPers: Kei Ochima

Ella wheeled Caroline out of the room and into the lift. She was about to make them visible again, until she saw something that changed her mind. A security camera.
"Crap, if we go visible here, that will record it" Ella thought to herself. They remained invisible as Ella prayed the lift would stay empty. Lucky for the pair, it did.

Blaise got a surprise when he heard his name, and let go a sigh if relief when he saw Ella and a healthier looking Caroline walk towards him.
"Caroline is good to leave now," Ella said, "so can we get out of here? I never liked hospitals."
Blaise laughed at the girl, who though was in her mid teens, sounded like a child then. He beckoned them to his car, and helped Caroline into the back seat. They put the wheelchair into the back, and Ella went into the seat next to Caroline to keep an eye on her. Blaise got in the drivers seat and turned the keys.

"Mind disguising us Ella?" Blaise asked.
"I don't mind, what are you feeling?" Ella asked casually.
"Green Toyota Supra?" Blaise laughed. Ella remembered her fathers car collection. She had seen it a few times before she ran away, and knew he had one. She changed the appearance of the car to everyone, including Blaise, himself, who laughed again. This was one of the happier moments he had lived since Abbee died.

Ella directed Blaise to her loft in downtown Manhattan. Blaise got the wheelchair out and helped Caroline into it, as Ella fumbled around in her pockets for her keys.

"So how does a 14 year old get her own loft?" Blaise asked, looking at the building that Ella lived in.

"I'm 16," she said, "and it helps when they think that I am 21 and have just handed them a wad of cash that doesn't really exist."

Blaise offered to walk the duo up to Ella's home, but Ella declined, knowing she could take care of the both of them. Blaise left as Ella wheeled Caroline to the elevator.

Ella's Loft, Downtown Manhattan
Affected RPers: Kei Ochima

"Welcome to Casa de Ella." Ella said to Caroline as they went into her loft, slightly embarrassed. The loft was composed of three rooms. One large room which acted as a lounge, kitchen and dining area, a bedroom and a small bathroom. All three rooms were visible, as was the mess they contained. Empty pizza boxes, dirty dishes, and dust were visible.

"If I knew I would be having company, I would have tidied up before I left this morning. I have never had someone over here." Ella said as she walked to the bedroom. "I didn't think I would be jumping into a strangers car helping him get a dying girl to a hospital."

Ella cleaned the room briefly, so it seemed inhabitable for Caroline to sleep in, and got an extra blanket and put it on the couch for herself.

"Were you wanting to go to sleep now?" Ella asked, "or did you want to stay up a bit. I am off the walls from the energy drinks I downed keeping up the illusions, so I can go either way."

She grabbed the remote and flicked on the TV, then grabbed her phone and typed in a number. As it rang she asked Caroline another question.
"What type of pizza do you like?"

Blaise and Steph
Apartment in Tribeca
Affected RPers: None

Blaise waited in the car until he saw the lights turn on in the loft. When they drove there, he gave Ella his phone number, in case if emergencies, and knew she would call if she needed him. Though he knew that with her power, she could take on just about anyone.

Blaise arrived at his apartment, and parked on the side of the road. He entered the apartment, and found Danny watching TV, and Carl pointing a gun at a girl tied up in a closet.

"It is Carl's shift." Danny said casually, as he changed the channel.

"I knew that you caught her, but still, I am surprised at this." Blaise said.

Steph had been looking down the barrel of the gun that one of the men held. She had spent the last day tied to a chair, while the two men took turns at pointing the gun at her.

Had she not been gagged, she would have changed her appearance to have her clothes torn, and screamed rape to get the neighbours in her side.

"We searched her," Carl said, "And found a phone. She is definitely from the company. They call her Steph."

"So you are the shapeshifter who messed with me?" Blaise said. He took the gag off her, expecting a response. Steph spat at him, and was half surprised when he stopped in thin air and froze it.

"You aren't in the position of power here, and if you don't answer our questions, you will stay here." Blaise said.

"Are you angry that I knew how to slip past your defences?" Steph said mockingly, as she changed her appearance to that of Abbee.

"You don't have to be a genius to figure that out," Blaise said as he pretended to away, quickly punching her in the cheek. "Do it again, and you will get it worse."

Steph's cheek strung from the impact of Blaise's fist. He was strong.

"Is there much more information to be gotten off the phone?" Blaise asked Danny.

"I got all of it." Danny said from the couch, continuing to flick through the channels, briefly stopping on the women's exercise program.

"Good. Because they will suspect something when they realise she is taking too long, and will track her through this," Blaise said, grabbing Steph's phone from the bench. He held it in his hand, and ignited it, as it melted into the sink.

"First question. How much information do the company have on me?" Blaise asked.

"I'm not saying a thing," Steph said coldly.

"Are you sure?" Blaise asked. When Steph remained silent he knew she was sure. He put the gag back on her, and put her in the cupboard, locking the door.

"We need to keep watching her." Blaise said. At a random point during each hour, open the door for a few seconds to see that she is still tied up. Keep the gun on her. I will get some sleep, and take the next shift after Danny's."

"By the way, I have something you like." Danny said, "I found her keys, she drives a Nissan GT-R. I found it parked a few blocks away, and got rid of all the trackers. It's all yours."

Danny threw the keys to Blaise, who caught them sloppily, showing signs of fatigue, as he went to his bedroom and quickly fell asleep.

"Hey, wasn't the bastard supposed to get us Bagels?" Carl realised...

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