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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

OOC: Awwwww okay

Alex, Ashley and Josh
New York City

Alex and Josh waited patiently for Ichiru and Kiseki to arrive, the two standing up from their chairs when the twins walked into the room as Ashley remained unconscious in her glass confinement.

“Ah, good. You guys are here.” Alex said, looking over towards Kiseki. “I’m guess you didn’t capture my sister Caroline? That’s okay, because I know where she’s at. I’ll be giving her an unexpected visit in a few days.” Alex then turned his attention towards Ashley who began to stir in her sleep a little bit, though she didn’t become conscious yet.

“I wanted to say bravo to you, Ichiru.” Josh added as he walked over to the dark haired male. “I saw everything in the woods and at the apartment. At first I was confused as to why you would let Jeremy and Ashley free in the woods even though she was injured, and then went as far as having Kiseki heal her wound at the apartment. I was going to confront you, but then figured out your plan. You were simply trying to gain her trust so she would tell you information about her parents; Claire and West. And then find out information about her grandfather; Noah. It was a good plan, but we just couldn’t wait for it to fall through. Great job though, Ichiru. The Company trained you right.”

“She might be pissed though when she wakes up, because Josh told Ashley that you and Kiseki were at the apartment capturing her brother.” Alex said with a chuckle while looking at Ichiru.

“Tell him your plan and why you called him here.” Josh pressed on.

“Right.” Alex nodded, walking over to Ichiru. “You gaining Ashley’s trust and having her tell you information was a great idea, but that would take too long. Instead, we’re going to start cutting off her fingers and send them to Jeremy along with a note. In the note it will explain that with every hour that passes by without any word from their parents then we will send another finger of Ashley’s.” Alex paused, pointing to a pair of wire cutters on the nearby table. “You’re going to be the one to cut off her fingers, Ichiru. Since you came up with that plan to gain her trust, then it only seems appropriate for you to be the one to cut off her fingers while she’s awake and fully aware of who will be doing this to her.” Alex smirked, locking his eyes with Ichiru. “Gaining her trust was your intention, right? You would never betray The Company, since they’re the ones who basically raised you. You wouldn’t betray family.”

“She’s waking up.” Josh said when seeing Ashley begin to slowly lift herself up from a thin cot laid out on the floor, Alex turning over towards Ashley.

“Here we go.” Alex chuckled.

Ashley slowly opened her eyes and pushed herself up, the brunette feeling sharp pains in her leg from when Josh had ripped her skin open with his claws. She looked and saw that it was stitched closed, though the pain was still there as her clothes were dirtied and ripped.

“Oh no…” Ashley whispered to herself when seeing she was trapped in a room with glass walls, her back facing Ichiru, Kiseki, Alex and Josh as she stood up to her feet. A rush of dizziness washed over the brunette but she shook it off, turning her head to look at the agents on the other side of the glass. Her eyes instantly fell on Ichiru, anger flowing through her as she limped to the glass and began to bang on it with her fists. “Where the hell is my brother?” Ashley screamed.

“Not here.” Josh smirked, her angry eyes falling on the other agent. “They never went to the apartment to capture him. I only told you that because I wanted to mess with your head, though everything else I said was true. Ichiru was only trying to gain your trust and was going to betray you… he’s one of our best agents who work for The Company. Don’t feel bad, though. I’m sure he’s done this a thousand times with the other girls he has brought in.” Ashley growled, looking over towards Ichiru again.

“When I get out of here I’m going to kill you myself!” Ashley threatened. “I began to trust you! I risked my life in the woods to save you! And I even stood up for you when I argued with my brother!” Ashley punched the thick glass so hard that her knuckles began to bleed, her blood smearing on the glass.

“Let’s strap her to the chair.” Alex said as Josh agreed.

“She drank alcohol so her powers aren’t working. The two of us can easily restrain her.” Josh said, the two opening the door and pounced towards Ashley. The injury on her leg prevented her from doing a good enough leap to get away as both Alex and Josh grabbed her, dragging the brunette out of the small glass room and into a metal chair which was bolted down to the ground in the lab. Alex and Josh managed to bound her ankles and wrists in the metal restraints attached to the chair while Ashley screamed and jerked around, making Alex’s and Josh’s task almost impossible.

“Jeez. She’s fricken feisty.” Alex commented, watching as Ashley tried to break out of the restraints but it was no use, the brunette giving up as she looked around the room. She breathed hard to catch her breath, trying to calm down so she could think straight. Ashley could feel her abilities slowly coming back to her, though she knew they wouldn’t come back in time. She somehow needed to buy enough time until her abilities came back...

“What are you going to do to me?” Ashley asked, her eyes falling on all of the agents. Maybe if she kept them talking long enough then it will buy her the time she needed.

We aren’t going to do anything.” Alex smirked, getting the pair of wire cutters from the table and holding them in front of Ashley. “Ichiru is going to be cutting your fingers off one by one, each one being sent to your brother Jeremy. It’s the perfect way to lure out your parents from hiding.

“No!” Ashley yelled, the teen beginning to struggle again as tears pooled her eyes. “You already have me! Just kill me and leave my family alone!”

“Your mother was the one who exposed people with abilities, so why would we kill you right now? We want to bring her in and make her watch while we kill you, your father, your brother and your grandfather before we finally kill her.” Ashley stopped struggling as Josh spoke, the young man walking over and began to stroke his fingers softly along Ashley’s collarbone. “Though I think we all can agree that having a little bit of fun with you one by one while you’re still alive will be a treat. After all, you have a body that I’m sure all four of us would like to take for a spin.”

“I wouldn’t mind that.” Alex laughed, Josh stroking his hand along Ashley’s left cheek. She quickly jerked her head forward and opened her mouth, her jaw clamping down on Josh’s wrist so hard that he began to bleed.

“Let go!” Josh yelled as he tried to yank his wrist away, which only made Ashley bite down harder. “OW!” Alex hurried over and punched Ashley’s leg where her wound was, the stitches ripping open which caused Ashley to scream out in pain. Her leg heavily bled again as the red liquid dripped onto the white tiled floor, Josh backing away and cursing up a storm. He then shifted into the black wolf and growled at Ashley, looking as though he were about to attack.

“Josh don’t!” Alex warned, Josh turning back to his normal form a few moments later as Ashley stopped screaming, though the pain in her leg was excruciating.

“Change of plans. That little b*tch dies last so she can suffer.” Josh growled as Alex nodded, walking over to Ichiru with the wire cutters.

“Cut off one of her fingers right now so we can get the plan going by sending the finger to Jeremy.” Alex ordered, offering the cutters. Ashley locked her glassy eyes with Ichiru and didn’t take them away, the brunette trying her best not to show any fear but her trembling body clearly gave her away.

New York City

"I will make us invisible to everyone else, that way we won't be seen." Ella said as Caroline looked over to her. "However if we go into the lift, I will make us visible for that time, but look different, as people will get suspicious if they bump into us."

Caroline nodded, watching as Ella put the wheelchair next to her bed and moved next to her to help the injured blonde get in the wheelchair. Caroline let Ella help her, wincing a little bit when getting into the wheelchair.

“There we go.” Caroline said, looking over to Ella with a small smile. “Let’s get out of here.”
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