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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Ichiru and Kiseki
New York City

“Hey, look at this.”

Several minutes after returning to their own apartment after leaving Ashley’s, Ichiru called to his brother from his place on the living room couch. Kiseki turned around to look at him from where he stood in the kitchen, having been headed to get something to drink.

“What is it?” He walked over to Ichiru, who hadn’t taken his eyes off of the laptop sitting in his lap.

“I found an article that talks about what Ashley said.” Ichiru responded as Kiseki leaned over his shoulder to look. Onscreen, there was an article displayed from several years ago that told about a freshman college student exposing the existence of people with abilities.

“So she really was telling the truth?”

“At least this much, yeah… We still don’t know for sure that she and Jeremy are related to Claire and Noah Bennett, though.”

“Well if she told the truth about that much, I doubt she would lie about the rest…”

“You never know.” Ichiru answered. “Regardless of that fact, it’s… jarring that she was telling the truth about such a thing.”

“Yeah…” Despite his agreement, Kiseki wasn’t really surprised at all. He had already been wary of The Company for years now, so he was willing to believe any stories about their cruelty so long as they were believable. “Hey, what’s that?”

Just as he thought this, an article displayed on the side with the related topics caught his eye, and he pointed at it over Ichiru’s shoulder.

‘Masters of Deceit: The Truth Behind The Lies of The Company’?” Ichiru read the title aloud, and a doubtful expression came onto his face. Kiseki, however, wanted to see it because he had experienced some of The Company’s cruelty himself, even if he had been lead to falsely believe that it was because the victims were plotting against them.

‘See the true cruelty behind the organization known as The Company as told by a former agent’…”

A few moments of silence passed between the two as Kiseki could easily sense Ichiru’s doubt, but eventually he broke it and pointed again to the name of the article’s author.

“Wasn’t that guy captured a few months ago?”

“Jacob Muller… Yeah, he was… and killed as well, unfortunately. His act of betrayal was too big to be excused…”

“I wonder why they never took this off of the internet…”

“Maybe they haven’t found it?”

Silence fell between the two again as they read the article, which described several detailed incidents of unjust cruelty displayed by The Company. Even Ichiru had to admit that it was nearly impossible for this to be untrue - especially since he knew the person who had written this article himself, and clearly remembered the day he was accused of and executed for treason. They all had been told that he was feeding lies about The Company to the media behind their backs, and everyone had accepted it as true. That’s what they had always done… But now, the truth was being brought to the light.

'One of the most revolting incidents I recall occurred over a decade ago. Some agents discovered these two twin children who had recently been revealed to have abilities. They were only four years old at the time, but The Company wasted no time in going to retrieve them. I was one of the agents sent on this mission. It repulses me even to this day remembering what they did. They didn’t even give the parents a chance. They didn’t tell them what was going on. They just came in and seized both of the adults, telling them that they were there to take their children to The Company. When they struggled, they were killed instantly. One of the children was even in the room, too. He had to watch as his parents were murdered right in front of him. The father was even tortured a bit beforehand. It was too cruel. I always hated The Company after that. I took it upon myself to oversee the training of the two twin boys afterward, but it pains me to know that I was part of such a tragedy in their lives - and that even when I left about a month ago today, I couldn’t bring them with me.'

A sharp pain ran through Ichiru’s head as he read a certain paragraph, and he was forced to stop. He remembered Jacob Muller more clearly now. He had been an older man, but was renowned as a good agent. He had been there ever since the twins’ arrival, and had become a sort of father figure to both of them. Ichiru had respected him both as an agent and as a person, and he and Kiseki had been upset over the older man’s disappearance, and eventually his death as well, but Ichiru’s heart had been hardened when he was told that it was because Jacob had betrayed The Company. He hadn’t known it had been because of something like this.

“Are you okay?” Kiseki noticed the expression that had come onto Ichiru’s face and questioned him with concern, but before the older twin could answer, both twins’ phones went off simultaneously. Kiseki was the first to pull his out.

“…It looks like we’re needed back at headquarters.”

Ichiru took out his own phone as Kiseki spoke and read the message displayed.

'Get to the headquarters in the Bronx right now. We have Ashley Bennett.'

His eyes focused on the last sentence for a few moments.

“So she really is a Bennett… That makes what she said the truth…” Kiseki looked up at Ichiru, whose bangs were hiding his eyes from view now. He couldn’t tell what he was thinking or feeling. “Which means that the article was true, too… Does that mean this one…?”

“Don’t start wavering just yet.” Ichiru finally spoke up when Kiseki trailed off, putting his phone away and shutting down the laptop. “We don’t have any solid proof that these articles are true. Until then, we can’t make a decision. Let‘s just go see what they want.”

Kiseki frowned, clearly sensing that Ichiru was in a bit of denial despite his own newfound wariness of The Company, but the expression only lasted a moment. He put his phone away and gave a nod instead.

“The car I fixed is still outside, so we can use that to get there.”

“Your ability never ceases to come in handy.” Ichiru glanced back at Kiseki with a smirk as he put away the laptop and headed for the door, prompting Kiseki to follow.

OOC: You can have the twins arrive in your next post so they can be told what they were called for if you want, since I’m too lazy/braindead to type anymore (and thanks to Microsoft Word crashing I’ve had to type this post three times…). ><
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