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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Hey everyone.

I like the work being done on the rules. Once you guys clear through them, making them easier to understand we will change the rules over.

The bonus section on the battling form is meant to be directed at the opponent.

So in the case of this

Yours: Charmander
Theirs: Wartortle
Bouns: +10( +5 Evolution, + 5 Type)

On the front page I tried to explain on the bonus work. If its not clear enough we can go over it again.
Wait, we're doing the bonus for the opponent or for ourselves? ._.?

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
I'll get cracking on edits. Thanks for the suggestions.

One more thing: As we're editing the rules out, I've thought of a few new (minor) rules/tweaks to the rules to (Hopefully) improve the game as a whole. One I've already gone ahead and added (but I can remove, just so we're clear): I've changed a few values for bonuses. The original rules said anything beyond 50 had a -/+8 type bonus; Now, anything between 50 and 75 has a -/+9 type bonus and anything greater is -/+12. Is that OK with everyone?

Another thing that could be changed (personally, I don't really care) is the rule on the aftermath of battling: As it stands, any Pokemon that battles is knocked out, no exceptions. The small edit is that, if the Pokemon's remaining points at the end of the battle match or exceed the amount they normally have (logic being that they didn't break a sweat), they remain OK instead, but anything else is KO'd.

I'm just throwing out suggestions here.
I agree with the fact that if the Pokemon's points remained the same or wound up with more than they had started that they should remain OK. I mean, why would a level 60 Pokemon be KO'd after battling a level 5? X3

I was also curious about whether or not battlers gain anything from a battle? Like, what is the purpose of a battle if players don't gain anything from winning? Do they gain points, an item?

Also, these forms are used to fight the gyms, I'm assuming? I haven't actually seen anyone perform a battle yet in the GCEAs.

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