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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“I killed my dad after making him drink my blood… he’s going to come back as a Vampire.” After crying into Kiseki's shoulder for a few moments, Caroline responded to his question, bringing both the dark haired teen and Aiden to look at her in shock. However, they had already guessed that such a thing had happened, considering Caroline's humanity had been shut off.

“He’ll come back, Caroline.” Stefan spoke softly as Kiseki wrapped his arms around the blonde, following up with the question that everyone was probably thinking. “How was Bill even still here in Fells Church?”

“Even without Vervain he isn’t able to be compelled. He told me he had trained his mind somehow, like when he was trying to ‘fix’ me and not drink blood. I don’t know how my dad did it, but he did.” There was a pause after Caroline's answer as she looked up at the group, her words slowly sinking in. It seemed impossible, but it's not like they could deny the proof lying right in front of them.

“Oh my God…” A gasp from Caroline broke the silence and brought the boys' attention back to her as she looked at Kiseki with widened eyes. The dark haired teen opened his mouth to question her, but stopped when she placed a hand on either side of his face as tears pooled her eyes.

Instantly, the moment from only a few minutes ago flashed back to Kiseki's mind, and for a brief moment he appeared wary. Aiden noticed this and knew that he was probably thinking back to when she had snapped his neck; something similar must have happened beforehand from what he could gather. However, Kiseki shook off that feeling quickly. That hadn't been Caroline. This girl in front of him was the real Caroline, and the tears she shed and emotion she was showing were real.

“Everything I said and did to you… when I snapped your neck… Kiseki I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do any of it.”

Caroline spoke of the incident both Vampires had been thinking about, but before Kiseki could say anything in response, she glanced over at her father's body and broke down again, moving away from Kiseki and rising to her feet.

Kiseki followed suit, watching the female Vampire pace back and forth as she recalled everything she had done. He knew it wasn't the time to think about it, but they way she was acting - right down to kicking and punching a large boulder nearby - reminded him of Ichiru. It was strange to see Caroline acting this way when normally she was so bright and happy, but he certainly couldn't blame her.

“Caroline stop!” Lexi beat Kiseki to the act of grabbing the blonde from behind, receiving expected struggling. Isobel instructed Stefan to call for Damon as Kiseki joined Lexi in trying to calm Caroline. The older Vampire arrived only seconds later, where Kotomi explained the situation to him.

Caroline kicked the front of Lexi’s leg which made the older Vampire loosen her grip, and granted her an escape. However, before she could get away or either Kiseki or even Aiden could go after her, she was tackled to the ground by Damon.

Once he managed to calm her down, Damon instructed her to think of only one thing; her love for Kiseki. Upon hearing that, the blonde looked over to the dark haired teen, whom Aiden had had to grab by the arm when she had been holding her head in pain a few moments before despite the fact that Damon had stopped everyone else and told them that it was normal.

Aiden released Kiseki when Caroline rose to her feet and hurried over to him, tightly wrapping her arms around him.

“I’m so sorry… for everything.”

Kiseki simply hugged her back equally as tightly, unable to say anything without tearing up himself. A few moments later, he heard the blonde ask if she could come home, which Stefan responded to for all of them.

Kiseki loosened his grip on Caroline as Damon walked over to Bill and scooped his body up, although he didn't let go of her just yet. Part of him was afraid that if he did he would somehow lose her again.

“Let’s go home.”

At Damon's words, Kiseki finally released Caroline, giving her his first smile since everything had happened, albeit a more gentle one as he took her hand in his.

"Everything will be okay."
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