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Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post

Yeah, old posts are the best :')

To be honest, the moderators have already been through all of the possible ways to increase activity. Heck, we even had Events for Keldeo, Meloetta and Mewtwo throughout the months in which you could battle, write, Voice Act, draw etc in order to gain one for your Pokemon game. The likelihood that your ideas to improve the forum have been done/considered and have not had the desired effect. What the forum needs is a make-over, and unfortunately we cannot do that without Ryan (who isn't here). Plus, the site is likely to go down soon - which means Pe2k will be gone forever. What's the point in trying to improve a website that's going to be deleted? PXR is your best bet, my friend. There are already loads of people there.

Well man. thats a real bummer. can you get me a link to the site. i really dont know what im looking for. :(
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