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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Caroline didn’t hear Kiseki’s footsteps or the others until he dropped to his knees next to her and asked the blonde what had happened. Caroline quickly looked over to Kiseki as Kotomi, Isobel, Stefan and Lexi stood next to Aiden, watching as Caroline quickly wrapped her arms around Kiseki and cried into his shoulder.

“I killed my dad after making him drink my blood… he’s going to come back as a Vampire.” Caroline responded as she tried to take a deep breath to calm herself down, but the guilt was overpowering at the moment.

“He’ll come back, Caroline.” Stefan spoke softly, but Caroline shook her head. “How was Bill even still here in Fells Church?”

“Even without Vervain he isn’t able to be compelled.” Caroline responded without looking at anyone. “He told me he had trained his mind somehow, like when he was trying to ‘fix’ me and not drink blood. I don’t know how my dad did it, but he did.”

Caroline paused as the group took in her words. The situation seemed impossible, but how could they argue with what was right in front of them? Bill remained in Fells Church even after he was compelled to leave while Vervain was no longer in his system and didn’t have Vervain on him…

“Oh my God…” Caroline gasped, looking at Kiseki with widened eyes. Everything she had said and done to him came rushing back, the blonde placing both hands on his cheeks as fresh tears pooled her eyes. Kotomi desperately wanted to take Caroline’s pain away, but the Vampire knew that Caroline was in no state to purify Kotomi’s aura at the moment. “Everything I said and did to you… when I snapped your neck… Kiseki I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do any of it.”

Caroline paused again as she glanced over to her father’s body, the young Vampire breaking down again as she moved away from Kiseki and stood to her feet, pacing back and forth.

“What did I do?” Caroline asked herself in a gasp. “I killed all those people… I killed my dad. I snapped Kiseki’s neck. I-I…” Caroline paused again, looking in the direction of Klaus’ mansion. “I let Kevin and Kol get staked by Klaus… now they’re trapped! I killed so many people!” Caroline kicked a nearby large boulder out of both anger and frustration as it cracked in half, the Vampire then punching it as it shattered into pieces. The group was shocked to hear about Kevin and Kol, though right now they were focusing on helping Caroline and then were going to get Kevin and Kol back.

“Caroline stop!” Lexi said as she grabbed a hold of Caroline from behind.

“Let me go!” Caroline cried as she struggled.

“Her emotions are taking over all at once.” Isobel said as she quickly looked over to Stefan. “Get Damon here. He’s the only one who can help.” Stefan nodded, starting up a mental conversation with his brother.

Damon. We need you here. Now.

Back at the house Damon received his brother’s urgent request, the Vampire looking over to Ashley, Ichiru and Diana.

“Stefan just told me he needs me.” Damon then left with his speed without another word, the male Vampire following the path of Caroline’s aura. He reached the scene quickly and saw Lexi restraining Caroline, the two blonde Vampires fighting to get the upper hand.

“Her emotions are back on but they’re all coming in at once.” Kotomi quickly explained to Damon, his gaze following over towards Bill's body.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Damon asked.

“We’ll explain later.” Stefan said. “You had your humanity turned off longer than any of us, even me, so you know how to deal with the guilt and emotions. Help her, Damon.” Caroline kicked the front of Lexi’s leg which caused the older Vampire to loosen her grip, Caroline running from Lexi only to be tackled onto the ground by Damon.

“Please just let me go!” Caroline cried.

“Caroline look at me!” Damon instructed, pinning Caroline’s arms above her head. “I know this stage! Your emotions are overwhelming you. You just have to focus on one thing, okay?”

“I can’t…” Caroline cried, though her struggling finally died down. “I can’t!”

“Just find that one thing inside of you that makes you strong. It’s in there. Just latch onto it. Channel everything you’re feeling into that one emotion. Find the thing inside of you that makes you want to live. Let it in, Caroline. Let it in.” Caroline’s crying stopped as she locked eyes with Damon, the male Vampire letting her arms free and got off of her as she sat up and breathed. Damon sat next to her as everyone watched, Caroline not taking her eyes off of Damon. “Good. That’s it. Just keep breathing. Just breathe it in.”

Caroline continued breathing, though suddenly she placed her hands to both sides of her temples and let out a cry in pain. Stefan, Lexi, Isobel and Kotomi rushed forward to see if Caroline was okay, but Damon suddenly lifted up his hand to them.

“No, don’t.” Damon instructed, the Vampire finally tearing his gaze away from Caroline to look at the others. “This is supposed to happen.” He shifted his attention back over to Caroline, her cries of pain leaving a few moments later as she began to breathe deeply again. “Don’t think about Klaus. Focus all of your emotions on one thing; your love for Kiseki. Focus only on Kiseki.” Caroline slowly looked away from Damon and over towards Kiseki, the blonde standing to her feet and hurrying over to the other Vampire as she tightly wrapped her arms around him.

“I’m so sorry… for everything.” Caroline whispered, her eyes scanning over towards her father. She knew he would wake in a few hours, to which Caroline knew she would be having a serious talk with him. “Can I please come home?”

“Of course you can.” Stefan said as Damon stood to his feet. Damon walked over to Bill and scooped his body up, the Vampire locking eyes with his brother.

“What the hell?” Damon asked, referring to why Bill was even in Fells Church in the first place after he compelled him.

“I’ll explain later.” Stefan said, to which Damon nodded.

“Let’s go home.” Damon sighed.
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