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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Okay, the Battling thing has always been so confusing to me.

Can we clear one thing up at least? I think the forms would be more understandable if they looked like this:

Opponent: (the opponent you're targeting):
My Pokemon: (the Pokemon you're using):
Opponent's Points (the points of the attacking Pokemon):
My Pokemon's Points (the points of your Pokemon):
Bonus (Type Advantage, and/or Evolution Advantage, )
Make-up points: (You can spend points to tip the battle in your favor; this is the amount you're using):
Points available: (the amount of points you have on-hand):
Points remaining: (the amount you have left over: Points on hand minus Points using):
Opponent's remaining points (The remaining points the Attackee has to continue this battle: Attackee's Points minus Attacker's Points. Zero points = KO.):
My Pokemon's remaining points: (If you've calculated the above and got a netagive number, put that here. This is the amount of points your Pokemon has to continue fighting in this battle.)
Link to stats (You can put this after a full battle, but having a link is mandatory):

I really don't understand step number 5 under battling Pokemon, because it's not clear to me, at least, which Pokemon is getting the advantage points. The level-thing throws me completely off :/

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