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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Just going to put this under a spoiler tag. This wound up being 3 pages on my word document! XD If something does not make sense, let me know!


I’m just going to break up my points / views under the allotted sections that you have created in the rules to keep everything organized.

How to Play/Rules:

For number one, he rule is reasonable in the beginning of the game, but also please list how to join when it is mid game. Mostly, as it seems that once the game becomes as long and involved as GCEA Red or what have you, having a new member join with just their trainer name and Pokemon seems somewhat random to me? They also wouldn’t know what’s going on either.

Also, while making a Trainer Card post, maybe have a template to use? It took me a while to figure out what I needed for my card, so maybe it’d help?

Lastly, would this section be available on the first post? I feel that it’d be a nice opening to the forum, and then under that (and another detail I mention at the end of this) that you have the links to the other sections following the rules from there.

Otherwise, I really like how this section was worded! Very nicely written and friendly! UvU

Evolution and Level Ups:

Very nicely explained section. I think it could be organized a little bit better to be more pleasing to the eye, but you really don’t have to.

However, if I might make one section it’s to maybe move the Gym Prizes section to go right after Level Ups as it seems much easier to just look between the two on the same page. Also, if you feel that it would clutter the page, perhaps hide it under a Spoiler tag?

Wild Pokemon:

It should be noted that you skipped the number 5.) in your list. Easily fixable. XD

Also, I saw that you had the example for evolving Pokemon but not in this section, the Battling section, and Purifying section. For each one the examples should be listed. (Again, if you’d like to put it under a Spoiler tag is up to preference.)

It should also be noted for how long a wild Pokemon is available for. Such as how many posts / pages until they’re considered “gone” if not all the wild Pokemon have been challenged.

Are type bonuses doubled with double weaknesses? For example, the wild Pokemon being Ponyta against my Parasect?

Battling Pokemon:

Okay, so I may not know the reasoning behind these rules. But, why is it that when you battle Pokemon that even though they’re at full health they are considered KO’d at the end of the battle?

I am just curious as getting to a Pokemon Center or a healing machine is highly unlikely at times during the GCEA storyline? (I’m thinking of Red and Gold at the moment.) Would this be when items come in and heal my Pokemon?

It should be noted that you stated:

“They operate on the same mode as above, but they'll be re-listed below to prevent confusion.”

If the battling section will be separated from the Wild Pokemon section, then this should be removed and the reiteration of the type advantages should just be there without any mention of it being the same as before.

Shadow Pokemon:
4.) Is it possibly to buy and item (with points) to purify my Pokemon? Or, is the storyteller of the game (JD for example) the only person that can purify a Pokemon?

6.) I’d rather you not say “there are no exceptions” and then for there to say that there is one. “The ONLY exception is that if there were any levels or evolutions to the Pokemon prior to evolving that they stay with the Shadow Pokemon. Otherwise, you can NOT evolve or level them up until they are purified.” Bam, done.

Gym Prizes:

This “level ceiling” is confusing to me. So, if I have a Pokemon at level 55 and I have 8 badges, I can only give it 5 levels? Or is the max 65?

I’m just making sure that I understand it as it’s confusing to me. XD;

Other Points / Suggestions:

I think all the examples should be listed under their respective sections so that viewers don’t have to keep opening new windows in order to see the whole picture.

For the examples such as Leveling Up and Purifying a Pokemon. Perhaps state the points that the individual Pokemon has before the Example set up. Such as...

“Amp the Pikachu has 30 points and a +10 bonus from having 7 badges, so that makes it 40 points required.
Here is how the form should look:

Pokemon being Purified: Amp the Pikachu
Points required: 40
Points on hand: 50
Points remaining: 10
Link to stats: *Insert link to Trainer Card here*”

I’m only suggesting this as its difficult for me to account for all the factors that are listed and then to see the factors already incorporated into the example without seeing it at face value.

My last suggestion is to, again, put all the examples under their respective sections and put the forms on the forum’s first post after the rules. (Possibly under a spoiler tag if you would like. Make sure you label it as forms outside of the spoiler tag if you decide to do that though, just so we know what it is! Same with all the other spoiler tag suggestions!)

The reasoning for this is so that all the players will have easy access to the forms so that when they are in mid-game and want to grab the form, they just click to the front of the page and BAM, its right there, copy it, then go back to doing their post. I also recommend having the regular forms still be with their examples as well under their respective sections, just so that the reader may see how to fill it out.

I’ve stated once before that I was for that idea. XD I believe a thread about GCEA and a poll should be created to see which region should be done. How to determine the polls should be done this way:

Whichever region reaches x number of votes first. (Maybe 20? Why not?)
And whichever region has the most votes at the end of a two/three week mark?

However, I’d like to be a little more involved in GCEA. I have a lot of time now its the summer and I frequently visit GCEA on here alone. So, I would like to formerly ask if I may be a mod or something to help the stories move along more, possibly.

I’m just asking, of course, I’ll step down if Disney proves to be too busy for me in the Fall and I’ll have my characters exit the stories somehow if need be.

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