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Default Re: Change is coming weather we like it or not.

So I've been here a reasonably long time (though inactive the past year), and I've got to say that for the most part, I've greatly enjoyed this forum. It's actually the first, and only, forum that I've been a part of, excluding a medical one. There's a lot around here that's unique to, or at least has originated from, this forum. Look at URPG, WAR, and the other shenanigans we do. The website was useful because it had sprites for art, guides, and more. So I think it goes without saying that the "problem" this forum has doesn't have anything to do with its content.

And then there's this.

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
These days the forums are drowning in lag and database errors, the spambots are coming out the wazoo, and I swear it seems like every day we're dealing with more and more newbies who don't know how to read and follow rules, and then throw a fit when someone tells them nicely what they did wrong.
I'm reminded of the release of Diamond and Pearl in 2007. Before the release of D/P, the forum already had a very sizable group of active members. You could log on and expect that, at any reasonable time, at least another twenty people were logged on. However, if the member count didn't double within two months after D/P release, it may as well have. And this is when we really had a ton of immature people who just flooded the WiFi sections - so many that I distinctly remember at least four or five mods who actually said that they give up trying to regulate that section of the forum. I also spent a lot of time there, and what I realized was most of the people were just like me, and it was their first time at a forum. They weren't immature, they just had never been "exposed" to this type of community before, and therefore just didn't know. And for the ones who were immature, they were dealt with and it wasn't a big deal. Eventually that section was tamed and some of those newbies became amazing members of the forum and a couple even became mods. I guess this is just my longwinded way of saying immature, or seemingly immature members can't necessarily be the sole, or even a major cause of downfall for this type of forum.

So it's obvious that the active member count is like none, because it's summer time and that's when the most people are usually here. But as for what can be done about it, well, what got people here in the first place? Google searching "pokemon" (or something like it) got me here. At one point, it was on the first or second google page. The site was easily accessible to people who weren't intentionally searching for it, so naturally more people came. Now, if you're the average person looking for a community and googling "pokemon" or "pokemon anime", you'll never find this forum because before you even get to the fourth google page, you've already met Marriland, Bulbagarden, and PokeBeach. Maybe the problem's publicity. I dunno.

But I feel as though this is a problem that could hardly be fixed quickly. The reason is that the forum currently has so few active members that even if someone were to stumble in here and actually register, there's no one to welcome then in a timely fashion. There's no action. They'll be bored in five minutes and be gone in the sixth. And if that seems circular (we're not getting new members because we have no members, and we have no members because we aren't getting new ones), then that's because it is. But the circle started somewhere and I wasn't here when it did, so I can't speak clearly as to why active member count is low. But I can say that trying to fix this would be like starting a new forum with ten members. It's really tough. Not impossible by any means, but unfortunately (and it is really unfortunate), it at least seems rather improbable. But, for better or worse, I guess we'll find out.

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