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Default Re: Change is coming weather we like it or not.

First thing is first. I'm not telling anyone not to stay by any means, stay if you want, I don't care if anyone stay here or not. I am also not trying to discourage anyone from staying. I am telling the honest truth, and if someone realizes it, agrees, and moves, so be it.

Okay, now, I'll tell everyone the blunt truth. PE2K is hopeless. There is nothing else that can be done to fix PE2K. To fix lag, we'd have to unmerge from a shared server, which as far as I know, cannot be done. The staff are all inactive, no one is going to have access to the Admin CP that is active, the site will rarely be posted on, no one will update the other site features such as Sprite Resource and information, no one will complete trades, therefore losing most new members, and the forum will be infested with spambots due to lack of staff. All of this will go on until the very last active member realizes this or the forum crashes for whatever reason. PE2K had a good run, but there is nothing left to be done. And efforts put towards PE2K are, essentially, pointless and just stall the inevitable death of PE2K.

Okay, now to explain what I mean into further detail without being so blunt. The end of this forum will be death. It'll slowly die out until there are a handful of active members left, who will be come discouraged with no where to post and leave. Of course, this is if the forum doesn't crash for good first, and we lose everything.

What I'm saying is that I recommend that if you're staying here, you also move to PXR. Ryan could stop paying for PE2K at anytime, and he wouldn't come back and tell you. The forum would crash for good with no warning. That's why I recommend setting up on PXR, so you have a place to go when/if it crashes instead of losing everything on PE2K.

From here on, the forum's death steadily increases, because since I believe Sarah, Harry, and Kenny are all leaving/devoting most if not all of their time to PXR, nothing is going to get done. All of the Senior Editors are on PXR as well, so no changes will get made to the site. There will be no posts made to the site because there are no active Site Staff either. You're the only active GMod at this point anyway. Mods are all inactive, bar a few URPG Officials/Mods and a handful of other mods, who most of which also moved to PXR and will be devoting their time there as well.

Without anyone with access to the Admin CP, names won't get changed, site changes won't be made, etc, which would just speed up PE2K's death. Ryan would barely promote Sarah, Harry, and Kenny to Admin CP. I know for fact that Harry is resigning as Admin and will only formally leave after the URPG is pulled from PE2K. I don't know for sure about Sarah or Kenny, but I know that they will mainly be on PXR. Back to another point, Ryan isn't going to promote anyone. We can try and get some people promoted to Admin, but Harry agrees, it's highly unlikely he'll promote anyone if he comes back.

The site was the primary member recruiter, our sprite resource in specific. Now that the sprite resource won't get updated, the main site rarely posted on, and to tie it off lag and errors, the site is pretty much done. Our efforts to revive this site were essentially futile, and any future efforts will only delay the inevitable. PXR has a bright future, however. You have done a lot for PE2K, and we would really appreciate you coming to PXR with the same work ethic. Staying on PE2K and being very active only takes members away from PXR, and doesn't benefit PE2K's situation, nothing can be done but delay PE2K's death. Moving GCeA to PXR would benefit both PXR and GCeA, no lag, more activity, etc, and a lot of your members are already on PXR! If you don't want to move GCeA, then I recommend keeping .txt files of all of the threads and stats, as they could be lost in an instant. I would keep an outside source stat page where you can list and update all of the points and such if PE2K is to crash so you can partially recover progress.

PXR gets more activity in a day than PE2K does in a week. We've done all we possibly can for PE2K at this point. Sarah, Harry, and Kenny have done their best to revive this site. PE2K was as important to them as it is to you, as it was for me, and the other mods I'm sure. Not one of us wants to leave PE2K, none of us want PE2K to die. But when there is nothing else you can do but pull the plug, sometimes that's the best option!

What Sarah said is the absolute truth. Everyone has tried their best, but reviving PE2K just can't be done. I was never planning to stop helping PE2K, I applied for mod so I could help in anyway I could. I've had four months to realize that there is nothing that can be done. Dedicating my time (which, I have a loooot of) and effort to PE2K would ultimately end up as a waste.

The forum might crash in two minutes, or two years. The forum could die in months, years, who knows. The forum will not die completely for years if not decades, etc, but it'll be severely inactive. Maybe 10 posts per day, and no active members. Just people who happen to discover the forum and post a bit before seeing that it's pretty much dead and decide to leave.

As many people have previously stated, we warmly welcome you to PXR. If you devoted your time and effort to PXR as you have for PE2K, then PXR would really benefit from your help, and we would happily welcome you to the new community! If you still don't want to move after hearing what is to come, that's your choice, and we can't force you to move on. So I wish you best of luck with this site. I have gathered all of my important threads and posts, so I'll be moving on from PE2K.
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