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Default Re: That Pokemon you want...

Originally Posted by Silverwynde View Post
Tell me about it. I'd like the Fire starter to be something else, please. Anything at this point. Just no more Fire/Fighting.

And if I'm wishing, I'd like a Ghost type Eeveelution, please. Or maybe Steel type. But we shall see.
Lol Ghouleon/Ironeon?

I'd love to see more diverse element types, especially with the birds. irritates me that there aren't many birds that aren't "normal" (not including the 3 legendary birds.)

other than Swanna/Duckle, Aerodactyl. Wingul/Pelliper, Swablu/Altaria, Murkrow/Honchkrow, Archeo/Archeops and the Gen I birds (all normal type) the diversity of the elements is fairly limited.
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