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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Name: Seraphina (NN: Sera)
Location: Power Plant.
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Seraphina nodded at Charís response, it was nice to be able to discuss matters of any kind for a change. While I donít know them, Moon definitely seems as if sheís trying to recompense for what sheís done to us. Somehow, Iím glad she was the one that did this to us, you know? If she decided not to, then who knows if anyone else involved would have brought us back. She wasnít sure why, but talking about the situation to someone else just made Sera feel weightless, even though she hardly knew the trainer she was talking to.

Before Sera could continue on with their conversation, Max had interjected with his own playful comment. With this, the trainer smirked a bit and decided to keep to herself. Instead, she quickly readjusted her Pokegear as she was told. Then, began playing with Sir on her shoulder, playfully poking his nose and what have you. Not to seem cold of her, but rather to avoid an awkward entrance to the unknown girls.

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