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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Max walked ahead of the girls. He hardly caught there conversation. Looking at Gold he responded.
"Id adjust your Pokegear. The cold seems to screwing with the sensors on mine."

Ahead of the group Jaye (moon) searched through the records. Once the files were all placed onto the table she began to read through them one by one.

Spin walked into the room with a box of trainers equipment.
"There are tags on these, does that mean there pokemon are locked up here too?"

Jaye wasnt sure how to respond.
"Lets just collect as much of there stuff as possible. So when they return they have what they need."

Meanwhile Max let out a little smile when he heard Charmander's response
"They're my friends, now. I trust them."

Max waited a moment that let out
"geez you share your soul with someone and all of sudden your friends." Max smiled and continued forward

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