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Default Re: What You do NOT want in X and Y

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
I don't want any evo/pre-evos of Kanto Pokemon. They need to leave them alone. Magmortar and Electivire were horrible.
Aw, my poor Electivire Loki is sobbing. Did you have to upset him like that?

Before you ask-yes, I like Electivire. I never used Electabuzz and thought I never would...until Electivire. Now that big lug has replaced Jolteon as my favorite Electric type. He might be much to look at, but he is a killer.

No more generic cut scenes when you use an HM Pokemon. If I'm going to fly to the next town on my Golurk, I better be getting on the back of my darling Riser and not a plain looking bird! Or better yet, just give Golurk his flight mode already; this insane fangirl would appreciate it.

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