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Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
A lot of people have moved over to PXR for the main reason that it was made to preserve and grow the Pe2k Community. I mean, face it, we need to make some drastic changes, both inside the forum and physically on the website, and there's only so much we can do without Ryan (the guy who made this site and has access abilities for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING).

PXR is tipped to be just as good as Serebii and the other forum-sites. I do think a majority of people will love the potential there. I mean, come on, it was made for us.

Pe2k started dying by about 2010. Now it's just... barren. :/ I'm not giving up on the site, I'm finding it hard enough to accept the cold truth that this site has reached its "final hours".

Relax Sealboy, thy end is not that nigh.
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