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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
He means a thread like the GCEA lins thread. How it is sticked. A thread that has a great explanation of how to play and links to all the stuff could be good. I was think of creating a GCEA thread, like that of the old LMSSI thread.

Im planning for it to be something like that. With the links being set up in a more organized fashion.
I like that a lot! It'll be more organized and broken down in chunks for people to read. And, then if they have questions, they'll be less likely to lose their place and the like. :3

...I remember that LMSSI thread, I miss it. :c

Edit: I agree with Char, if it's too wordy or too long. It tends to actually intimidate people and they would be less likely to bother. Making the beginning full of interest and straight to the point would get people to read it more.

....Then again, I can't say much about writing too much either. XD;

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