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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Name: Char
Team: Charmander (Jazz, Able), Caterpie (Iris, Able), Mankey (Bruce, Able), Paras (Swampy, Able), Zubat (Esme, Able), Voltorb (Volt, Able)
Location: Power Plant
Points: 67

When Max and Sera walked out, Char immediately noticed the jacket that Sera now wore; it was the exact same as the one she had found. Caught by surprise, she hardly had time to say anything before Max started speaking.

"We are leaving this place now, Jaye and Spin are staying here. Jaye has decided that if she can do any good she will. Jaye was part of the team that brought you here. When it happened she was being controlled but feels responsible for this. She has files on each of you. Im telling you two because if you have any hope of finding out more details the files she has may help."

...So Dredd had been right. Moon had worked for Team Rocket. Worse yet, she had personally been responsible for their imprisonment. But... Char believed what Max said. It sounded confusing, but she believed that the Moon they knew now was not the same person back then. Afterall, she had saved them. And if she was staying here, then Char wanted to make sure Moon knew she was grateful for that.

She hesitated a moment, noticing that Max seemed a little troubled. ...How did he feel about leaving Moon behind?

Char shook herself as Sera asked her question. Now wasn't the time for pointless thoughts, Char scolded herself. Stepping forward, she rested a hand on Sera's shoulder.

"He won't leave us behind," The burnette smiled at Sera confidently. "No worries! But I agree with ya--we'll read them on the run. Let's go and talk to Moon, shall we?"

She urged Sera forward, adding to Max over her shoulder, "We'll be quick."


(OOC: Note, I think Char still needs her gear from Moon)

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