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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Seraphina handed me back my jacket. As I slipped my arms back in. I gripped the zipper tightly and pulled it up quickly. I pulled the zipper to the top and held it there almost as if I was hoping it would cover my whole body. The cold air in the room was bitter and my body shivered slightly. My attention moved back to Seraphina who had just called out her pokemon. While she addressed them I couldnt help but look at the shattered ball.
"Should I tell her?..she will be happier not knowing."

Thinking about it triggered another flash which I couldnt control. Since the moment that my soul left my body I have felt waves of power surging through my body that I can not understand. In the waves, I feel a clarity fall over me. In those moments I can see a persons soul.. As my eyes adjust to the knew area I look up.

"Listen boy and listen good...Seraphina and Char must be protected...They must be set back on track if you are to stop Articuno."

I looked up to the creature.
" Im guessing at this point its a little to obvious for me to say your Seraphinas missing pokemon."

The creature looked back at me, with a bit of disdain.
"Sorry, why those two what were they doing."

As a flash overcomes me I feel that complete sense of clarity.

I snap out of it and I find myself looking at Sera who has now called her team.

I turned and walked out the room. Now didnt seem like the time to bring up the pokemon, it was time to get the team together and get out. As I looked at the group, I spoke to them frankly.

" We are leaving this place now, Jaye and Spin are staying here. Jaye has decided that if she can do any good she will. Jaye was part of the team that brought you here. When it happened she was being controlled but feels responsible for this. She has files on each of you. Im telling you two because if you have any hope of finding out more details the files she has may help."

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