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Default Re: Change is coming weather we like it or not.

You promoted me to do one thing, try to help the dying Battling Center and I did. I tried a bunch of different things, created tournies, giveaways, even started a contest that went all over the internet. When I finally got peoples interest the forum went through its worst bit of forum lag and all the people that were joining left. I still kept pushing forward despite it trying new things. All of it seemed to go no where. To leave this place means the years of work i put in were for nothing. hundreds upon hundreds of hours would be gone. Sadly what I see now is the rest of PE2K has gone the way of the battling center and that sick feeling has returned to my gut. Last year I worked my but off. I even got member of the year as I kept trying to bring activity. I know you guys tried your best , we all tried our best thats why I completely respect what you guys are doing but please dont ask me to move on. Like the Battling Center I plan on staying here and trying even if I know that its hopeless because thats what you promoted me to do.

@Cobalt I hope all works out for you man. You were a big help around here.

@Winter thanks for the nice words. The logically side of me agrees with you on pretty much everything you said.

@Sealboy, I told you a long time ago you were the next generation of leaders. I hope that no matter where you land you step up so everyone will get to know you as the awesome goofball that I know you are.

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