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Default Re: Change is coming weather we like it or not.

Earlier today I said that I was planning on staying, but I have been thinking. This place isn't going to be the same. PXR was made to keep the community alive, in a place that isn't dying, infested with lag or spam bots. It is sad that most people are leaving Pe2k to join PXR, but the inevitable is happening.

I had great times here, but I believe the sooner I move on, the better. I will still be here for a little while, due to RPs that just began, and that I want to see through. However they will die, and I will have no reason to be here any more. With a lot of the active staff gone, I can't help but see pe2k as near the end of its life. I respect you (Dredd) for wanting to stand by it, but sometimes letting go is the best thing we can do.

As long as "heroes the next generation" and "Adventures in Skyrim" are alive, I will stay hear. But when they die, I will be leaving, not to return. If you wish to keep in contact with me, my Skype name is jacooby_cookie95, and my email address

It has been a good 6 years pe2k, but it is time for me to move on. I have made some good friends, some unexpectedly and have learnt a lot. This was one of the first places where I had the confidence to be myself. I look at some of my first posts, and can remember sitting in the rumpus room on the family computer, posting about fake ways to get celebi that I heard (I was a gullible kid). Here I learnt about sprite art, and graphic art, role playing, and more about the world. I didn't know that Canada was -30 (thanks Jaye), or that listening to someone play Slender during a Skype voice call would be hilarious (Thanks Dragotech).

I believe PXR is a move in the right direction, and that it is for the best. It is sad that pe2k has become what it is now, but nothing lasts forever. Goodbye everyone.

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