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Default Re: Change is coming weather we like it or not.

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
As Eevee Trainer put it, I view PXR more as a chance for rebirth for Pe2k than actually killing it (especially since it only launched two days ago, more or less). The forum simply is moving with a brand new name, a clear goal in mind, and a stable server...Along with leaders who care about it.

Without the ability to be top admins, Pe2k was forever limited, and losing Ryan merely made it travel a slow death downward.

I'll be staying, but I can't really do my job anyway. I'm on PXR moderating there now too, and with how ready to crash Pe2k is...It's been a fun 4-5 years, but it could be gone at any moment. I've already backed all my files up that were here in case this happens.

I really don't think anything can be done to help Pe2k. No head support, and the rest comes toppling down.
Anything could help at this point. Little changes could make a difference. This thread wasnt to say the other forum was killing this one. Just so no one gets the idea. The idea of the other forum is good. Keeping the community alive and updated was a good idea, but the other forum isnt PE2K. I would say for that reason I despite my respect for Harry will look at it just like that a different forum.

Things can be changed here, but it has to come from the people who have the mind set that this place cant ever be helped.

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