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Default Re: Change is coming weather we like it or not.

As Eevee Trainer put it, I view PXR more as a chance for rebirth for Pe2k than actually killing it (especially since it only launched two days ago, more or less). The forum simply is moving with a brand new name, a clear goal in mind, and a stable server...Along with leaders who care about it.

Without the ability to be top admins, Pe2k was forever limited, and losing Ryan merely made it travel a slow death downward.

I'll be staying, but I can't really do my job anyway. I'm on PXR moderating there now too, and with how ready to crash Pe2k is...It's been a fun 4-5 years, but it could be gone at any moment. I've already backed all my files up that were here in case this happens.

I really don't think anything can be done to help Pe2k. No head support, and the rest comes toppling down.
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